Put a Lid on It. How to Stop your Cravings in their Tracks.


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By Melissa Williams

A weight loss diet’s worst foe? The insatiable craving. The kind that makes you eat beyond fullness just because you need a little bit of something. We are here to keep you on track. Here are our favorite suggestions.

• Out of sight, mostly out of mind. If you can stop yourself from buying cookies at the store you won’t have access to them at home. And when you really can’t do without you’ll have to decide if its worth driving just to get ONE. (Only one.)

• Identify what you’re craving and see if there is another option. Craving caffeine mid-day? Try a warm drink instead (decaf). Maybe it’s the ritual versus the actual need.

• If you are feeling you truly need something see if there is a healthier choice that will actually give you something in return. Craving salt? Try popcorn- it has more fiber and less calories than chips (unless you add butter). Sweet? Try dried fruit and nut mix (in moderation). Again adding fiber and a bit of sustenance will help your craving actually keep you on top of your diet goals.

• Take one bite. This one is the hardest. If you have a craving for chocolate, stick a chocolate bar in the freezer and break off one bite (not the whole bar). Now sit with it for at least ten minutes and see if that satisfied your craving.

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