Shiva Rea Yogini


Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Women

(Acacia, 2010)

Shiva Rea Yogini

Shiva Rea’s practice of vinyasa flow yoga inherently helps enhance one’s connection with the feminine. But with her new DVD, Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Women, she specifically focuses on enhancing a woman’s shakti energy, essentially one’s innate creative energy.

As most women know, it is easy to lose sight of our own needs, desires, passions, and strength. Yet, it can be hard to reconnect and re-establish them. The customizable Yoga Matrix allows you to create a practice that not only caters to your specific needs, but also the amount of time you can dedicate to your practice. Got ten minutes? Try her daily healing meditation, which helps nurture your spirit and leave you feeling empowered. If you have more time, the sequences are broken down into a sequence for love, which focuses on heart-opening postures, one for beauty (focusing on backbending postures), and one for empowerment (standing postures). Each sequence can easily be linked to the next, allowing you to nurture some or all of your needs. Personally, I love the way Shiva Rea guides you through postures; the in-between is just as important and powerful as the pose itself. Her sequencing is graceful, enabling you to feel graceful even if you’re a beginner. After this practice, your daily to-do list may not have vanished, but you’ll feel refreshed and empowered to connect to your innate shakti energy, helping you find the feminine within you.


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