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Motivational Speaker Caroline Myss

Bestselling author Caroline Myss is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and pioneer in the fields of energy medicine and human consciousness. Her latest book, Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul (Free Press; out in paperback this month), is a down-to-earth guide to developing a contemporary spiritual practice inspired by the writings of Teresa of ƒvila, a 16th century Spanish mystic. For more information about the book and Myss’s myriad workshops and projects visit www.myss.com.

What happened? You say Entering the Castle was inspired by the surprising mid-life realization that you didn’t have a genuine spiritual practice even though you’d been lecturing about spirituality for years.

I had the realization that an intellectual spiritual life, which is to say, reading spiritual literature, was not the same as a spiritual practice of prayer, quiet reflection on how I was living my life, and integrating spiritual teachings into my life. That was a significant moment of awakening for me.

Why is silence important?

Silence is essential. Silence gives you the space to move inside yourself, to listen to your interior thoughts, and to examine how you perceive your world and its contents. Without silence all you do is react to the world around you as opposed to respond to it.

You seem to have about five million projects going at once. How do you make time for quiet contemplation?

I make time for quiet contemplation because it’s a priority. Simple as that.


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