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Below is a personal interview with one of the leading safe beauty contributors in the organic, non-toxic field of beauty: Hamadi Organics 

Abby Mason, AADP, INHC Certified Holistic Health Coach
Jamal Hammadi, Creator Hamadi Organics

We hand-pick the experts in the Safe Beauty & Body field that really stand out to us with their integrity, product quality and overall genius behind their product lines. Below is a personal interview with one of the leading safe beauty contributors in the organic, non-toxic field of beauty…

1) When did Hamadi launch? How has the beauty industry changed since that time?

Jamal Hammadi created Hamadi Organics in 2004. At that time there were very few natural, let alone organic hair products on the market. The few natural options did not produce results that Jamal required for his celebrity and fashion clientele. Because Jamal recognized the absence of high quality organic products available, he worked to create products from organic ingredients and essential oils in order to resolve this.

2) The company name appears to be a result of Jamal’s last name (a little different spelling). Did Jamal know right away that this was the name for his brand?

Initially I was not sure. I thought about it and my mom said, “Use your last name, it’s nice. And sounds good and looks good graphically.” However when I went to trademark it someone else already had it so I dropped an m” and Hamadi was born. And then the strangest thing happened, I was looking thru my parents old passports and legal names and realized my last name was originally spelled with one m.

3) What inspired and motivated Jamal to create this company of luxurious eco-friendly styling products?

Almost right away. I was working with high profile celebrities, at the time I was in a salon and working the Paris fashion shows, and realized very early on the need for good ingredients that really work and nourish your hair. I was always into healthy, natural foods and knew the benefits: so why not use ingredients that are proven and inspire good habits which result in healthy locks of hair? I realized back then how hard we are on our hair and how much we pollute our bodies, let alone our environment. I wanted to contribute something good. Basically nothing short of starting a natural revolution. Putting your hair on a diet is what it’s all about. I was working a lot with Linda Evangelista, Heather Graham, Sharon Stone, and Lisa Marie Presley; very high profile and demanding clients. I wanted something that was effective yet glamorous, and of course nourishing with proven results. The other natural products at the time just didn’t have the sophisticated approach or textures or even scents that made sense to me. So I realized very early on the enormous need for quality products that did not compromise on ingredients in order to create gorgeous looks. Styling demands on actresses and models leave the hair often dry and damaged. My goal was to create a product line that nourished the hair while delivering luxurious style and hold. To risk sounding not humble, I have always been ahead of the curve and my innovations led to Hamadi Organics.

4) The company mission/philosophy is to “uphold a timeless approach to hair care that promotes a healthy, modern and intelligent sensibility and never compromises quality with artificial ingredients”. Can Jamal elaborate a bit more on this and what it means to him?

It’s all about the ingredients, for example, Ylang Ylang, in the Hamadi line has been used for centuries with proven hair strengthening results, plus it provides aroma therapy benefits. Healthy, gorgeous hair reflects the overall choices of the person. The Math is pretty simple: Healthy hair equals gorgeous hair which equals confidence. If your hair doesn’t look good, you don’t feel good. It’s a subliminal thing. This means never compromising on ingredients, production, or how the ingredients are grown or sourced. Making smart choices about the products we use not only makes us more beautiful but the Earth as well.

5) The products are Certified ECOCERT and “traceable back to their source and assure that the farming methods, extraction methods and packaging are sustainable”. Can you tell me a little more about what goes into the packaging for the products (or expand more on the importance of sustainability not just in the ingredients of the products but the packaging and production as well)?

ECOCERT is one of the most stringent standards of environmental labeling because it goes beyond the end product. Instead there is a very real and tangible line for every step along the way from the packaging choices to the treatment of the workers to the sustainability of the soil. One example of this: Hamadi uses biodegradable ink on it’s packaging. It sometimes rubs off, but that is the point. It is not designed to last and therefore contaminate the environment, forever. The ECOCERT label is not just slapped on once instead continual inspections happen to ensure all facets of production are upholding the ECOCERT qualities.

6) How does Jamal embrace sustainability in the company?

It’s a complete life choice. Fortunately, I am surrounded by like-minded individuals who strive to make sustainable choices every single day. So much so that sometimes it is startling when I travel and witness carelessness about the environment. At this point I take it for granted that most people are making environmentally sound choices, yet in reality there is still a great deal of educating that needs to happen. One person can make a difference. It’s all about educating the consumer. It’s a simple choice but oh so effective. It’s a lifestyle for me.

7) What makes the Hamadi brand unique in the arena of green beauty and where does Jamal think it is headed?

What separates Hamadi from other brands truly is my hands on experience with celebrities and the fashion industry. And my personal experience as a consumer and someone who is behind the scenes creating the trends. I want results; but with a conscious. I am a celebrity hair guru. I absolutely know what is on trend and also have a sense of what is up and coming. While creating the trends, I witness first hand what over-styling can do, and how well people respond to Hamadi because the products are truly ecochic. And the bottom line: effective yet gentle. They add moisture and nourishment by working from the inside out. This creates a natural shine while styling and provides texture, yet the product doesn’t feel like you have anything in your hair. Your hair feels like hair. Not sticky or greasy or dried out. The products are good for your hair. Other products dull the hair. I am hopeful that more companies will make more eco-conscious decisions because the state of the environment is something we all need to take responsibility for. Be conscious. Feeling glamourous with good hair doesn’t have to come at an environmental price. It’s a confidence you posses when your hair looks good, because you stand out.

8) Are there any special/funny stories that Jamal would like to share behind his brand?

Well, I was working in my office with my friend Kate Gilbert, and we started joking around about how careless people are, and I just blurted out ‘tested on actresses never on animals’ as a joke. We both were laughing but then I realized I needed to trademark that. Even though it sounds funny it represents the commitment Hamadi holds to the environment and animals.

9) What is Jamal’s favorite essential oil, and why does he love it? What products feature it?

Bergamot and Ylang Ylang top my list. Every essential oil chosen for the product line is there for a reason. Bergamot is amazing not only because of the delicious Earl Grey tea scent, it offers a multitude of aromatherapy benefits which include: confidence boosting while simultaneously creating an uplifting, and relaxed state. It helps soothe irritated skin, and let’s face it we all over do it from time to time with styling making this an essential, essential oil.

Ylang Ylang is overflowing with benefits ranging from natural anti-septic (because our hair and scalp are exposed to pollution among other irritants), it also speeds healing, provides shine as well as delivering stress relief and has the calming floral scent.

10) What charity organization(s) does Hamadi support? What is the reason behind choosing that particular charity?

We support a variety of charity’s: Oceana, Boy and Girls Clubs of America, NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), as well as other Environmental Charities and Charities that Serve Underprivileged Children. We only live once and trying to make the world a better place environmentally and bringing awareness is the message. Natural revolution s is what it’s about.

11) The Hamadi products are featured in several locations in the US as well as Internationally. Does the company often reach out to more businesses to request they carry the Hamadi line?

Hamadi is sought out by discerning salons and stores all over the world because of it’s unique combination of organic ingredients, ECOCERT, and Jamal’s high profile in the celebrity world.

12) Hamadi is located in Los Angeles, CA. Can Jamal tell me a little bit more about Hamadi headquarters, his team and the company culture?

California definitely has an influence on the Hamadi brand. It’s all about eco
-chic. The company culture reflects that as well. We work hard but we also value time to ‘reset’ like going to Joshua Tree or the beach or traveling or even just a weekend retreat. Everyone is more powerful when they take time to recharge. Sometimes the greatest inspirations happen outside the actual office itself.

13) How would Jamal describe his ideal customer?

Someone who is naturally sexy, healthy, fit and totally into the green world. A chic, conscious woman who is concerned about her children. And of course the glamour girls are always great customers.

14) On the Hamadi website, it indicates Jamal is working on launching a “dry shampoo, line of organic grooming products for men as well as an eventual expansion of Hamadi into a lifestyle brand”. Are you able to share more on what the lifestyle brand will include? Are there any other new products soon to be launched?

Lifestyle in terms of diet and food for the hair and overall well being. The brand will expand to include: Herbal Teas, essential perfume blends, harder holding gels for the hair that still maintain their pure integrity. Also face products, and well, the rest is a surprise…

15) Who inspires Jamal and why?

I am inspired by people who are doers, who think outside of the box. People who help our world be a better place. My mom is one of the most inspiring people I have met. She passed away last year and if it wasn’t for her I would not be so passionate about nature. My ultimate inspiration is nature itself. It’s magical and I cherish that. It provides all of us life. It is important to respect that. One main law of nature is to respect it and by doing so we respect ourselves.

16) Does the company have a mantra? Does Jamal have a personal mantra he would like to share?

Be Conscious is the overarching mantra for the company. This means being aware of your choices and choosing wisely. Beauty with a conscious. Of course also: Tested on Actresses Never on Animals. Put your hair on a diet!

17) What is Jamal’s favorite product in the line and why does he love it? My top three products: Shea Hair Cream, Shea Spray, and the Healing Serum. Shea Butter is such an amazing ingredient- it delivers shine and manageability plus it is a natural sun protectant. The Shea Hair Cream offers natural hold while moisturizing the hair.

The Shea Spray is great because it can be spritzed on- it’s super light in feel. Sometimes I just spritz it on my skin for a boost of moisture. The Shea Spray contains kelp and aloe so it is soothing and helps control frizz. I recommend tossing it into your beach bag and spraying it on periodically. It also can create a beachy look if you can’t make it to the beach when you spray it on slightly damp hair and add texture. And of course it offers aromatherapy benefits: making your day at the office that much better!

The Healing Serum is a magical serum that helps heal seriously damaged and dry hair. The three main ingredients are: avocado oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil so it is rich with benefits. It also contains Moroccan Vanilla which is toning and a natural antiseptic. It can help create edgy wet looks or apply it all over and pull hair into a sleek, ponytail. Rinse it out to reveal healthy, luxurious hair.

18) What are Jamal’s thoughts on the natural wave of green beauty and where does he think it is headed?

It’s our new revolution.

19) What are Jamal’s goals for his company in the future?

Grow into a lifestyle brand which includes expansion of heathy products and essential perfumes.

20) How does Jamal find balance while juggling life’s needs and work’s responsibilities?

Yoga, bike riding, good friends and lots of laughter.

21) What are two to three things Jamal feels are important to share with his customers?

Product knowledge. Educating and feeling comfortable to experiment with new looks and have fun.

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