Packing on The Pounds? Try a Food Journal!


By Laurel House

A food journal isn’t a quickie fix. It’s actually seriously enlightening and can have long-term effects, pinpointing unhealthy trends and patterns in which you may, unknowingly, partake the actual reason why you are overweight (which can also tell you what you can do to lose it change the pattern).

You can create your notes in a chart format in order to make the whole process as painless as possible. Ex: Create a weekly calendar. Each day you write what you ate. Or, if one food item in particular is your issue, focus the chart on that food like a “Cookie Chart” or a “Chips Chart” and every day you have to fess up as to if you’ve succumbed or survived the day without indulging in your food vice.

Personalize it. That’s the point. No one is judging you or grading you (unless of course you are in my nutrition class, in which case you are both being judged and graded). No need to take notes every day. But DEFINITELY after each guilt-provoking binge fest!

Face the Facts Components

a. So What happened?- (ran into my ex with his new fling at a bar)
b. Your post-incident response- (balled my eyes out over a box of ready bake cookies before even baking them!)
c. Post-response response- (felt fat and out of controlballed my eyes out again)
d. Rewrite a better post-response response for the next time the diet-derailing incident occurs- (went for a run to make my ass look better than that bitch’s).

Note To Self

Food Therapy Tools
-List situations that make you feel sad/angry/stressed/disappointed/depressed
-List your comfort foods
Starting Sentence:
If I’m eating ____________________________________________ I should ask myself WHY? What’s the reason that I am eating at that moment? Was I triggered to eat that by stress, a disappointment, a sad circumstance, or something else?

If I’m eating for reasons other than hunger (ie: emotional binging), what can I do INSTEAD of eating that will really make me feel better, something I won’t regret doing once the emotion passes. And something that won’t tack extra LBs to my caboose!


Laurel House is an international celebrity Dating and Relationship Coach known for her tough love and no-games coaching style. She is a dating coach on E!’s “Famously Single,” co-host of “The Great Love Debate” podcast on PodcastOne, a Dating Coach for Three Day Rule Matchmaking and CupidsPulse, and she has been a featured expert on KTLA Morning News, E! News, Good Morning America, Nightline, Glamour, AskMen,,, and dozens of other print, online, and television outlets. Her 5th book "Screwing The Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love” was published with Running Press.

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