The Power of Cherries



Life may or may not be a bowl full of cherries, but it is certain that a bowl full of cherries can improve your quality of life!

Many studies show that cherries, above blueberries, pomegranates, or acai berries, may be the ultimate antioxidant super fruit. Russel J. Reiter, a nutrition specialist from the University of Texas Health Science Center who studies the benefits of tart cherries shares, “[Cherries] not only contain significant levels of antioxidants, but they also contain a unique combination of antioxidants not found in other fruits.” Cherries contain anthocyanins, which protect against heart disease and cancer, and also block the enzymes that cause inflammation; in fact, studies have shown that cherries can reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of sweet cherries and tart cherries, and while it is apparent that both contain antioxidants, it is possible that tart cherries actually contain a higher nutritional value. And while dried cherries are an excellent option when fresh cherries are unavailable, studies show that cherry juices carry a significantly higher antioxidant level than dried cherries. There are many natural juice concentrates available at natural food grocers from brands such as Lakewood and Walnut Acres. An alternative to juice concentrates is available online through CherryPharm, a cherry-exclusive company that has perfected a method of making juice from whole cherries. In fact, each eight-ounce bottle of CherryPharm juice contains the equivalent of fifty whole tart cherries.

CherryPharm was founded when president and CEO John Davey discovered that his residual pain from an old tennis accident was alleviated after eating a hearty serving of fresh cherries. After failing to replicate those results from cherry capsules and juices on the market, Davey set out to create a juice that would afford the full benefits of fresh cherries. Clinical studies have been conducted on CherryPharm juices, and each have proven that the juices perform precisely as they claim: to reduce muscle and joint pain, prevent muscle damage, improve sleep, and yield the most possible antioxidants. For more information visit

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