In her popular seminars throughout the world, meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg has helped countless people detach from the stress of everyday life by guiding them toward equilibrium amidst the angst and anxiety of our oh-so-busy modern culture. Salzberg “who co-founded both the Insight Meditation Society and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Massachusetts “has extended her skills at helping individuals tap into their own innate sense of self with the creation of Unplug (Sounds True, 2008). The at-home, interactive program teaches valuable meditation skills, and includes a deck of 32 inspiring contemplation cards, a workbook with tips for releasing negative personal patterns, and 2 CDs, each containing 10 guided meditations. The color-coded deck of cards is divided into eight topics, including Calming the Mind, Being with the World, Being Present, Knowing Yourself, Facing Challenges, Letting Go, Trusting Yourself, and Opening the Heart. Each chapter in the workbook corresponds to one of these topics. Designed to be simultaneously supportive, uplifting, and sustaining, Unplug can be utilized daily, weekly, or when needed. As a bonus, the card deck will fit into your desk drawer at work, right next to the healthy snack you remembered to pack in the morning.

“Debra Bokur

Jan/Feb 2008

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