Unleash Your Inner Boldness


Want to inspire confidence in your closest girlfriend? Bold Beads are a creative way to remind your friends, your mother, and even yourself to embrace the positive.

Bold Beads are created by FeelingBold, a Boulder, Colorado-based company, that creates products to inspire and empower women to actively live life in an optimistic way. The bracelet “is a simple, subtle, everyday reminder to women of all ages and all circumstances to stay connected to their true selves, while being reminded to live life with a positive intent and boldness of spirit,” says founder Claudine O’Leary.

Every Bold Bead is engraved with the words “I am.”  This ambiguous, yet strong, statement reminds women of their strength and individuality.  Each declaration signifies a personal slogan like “I am active” or “I am significant.” By purchasing your own Bold Bead, a complimentary bracelet is sent to a deserving woman you know, creating a phenomenon O’Leary calls the “positivity ripple effect.”

The bracelet is made with 100 percent organic cotton to help reduce exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, and ten percent of Bold Bead proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Fund and Camp Sunfish.

For more information visit feelingbold.com.

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