Kick Your Fears To The Curb With Yoga: MyYogaWorks Beyond Fear Challenge



We’re joining the MyYogaWorks Beyond Fear Challenge and we thought we should let you know about it too. You get 14 days of free online yoga + a chance to win tons of cool prizes!

But first, we’ve got a few questions for you:

Do you ever wonder what’s stopping you from doing a daily yoga practice?

You know it’s good for you. You know it makes you feel amazing, but somehow you can’t find even ten minutes in your day to fit in yoga – with its delicious downward dogs, energizing twists and renewing savasanas.



And ten minutes is seriously all it takes to give you that radiant yoga glow. Ten minutes! If you practiced consistently, even for just ten minutes a day – imagine how you’d feel. So what’s the story, why aren’t you practicing more? Consider this: FEAR┬ámay be fueling your resistance. Fear of change. Fear of commitment. Fear of failure. All of these may play a role in keeping you from taking expansive steps in your life – even steps that feel as good as yoga!

But you don’t have to give in to your own inner scaredy cat. We challenge you to face whatever fear is keeping you from your yoga! Let the MyYogaWorks Beyond Fear online yoga challenge be your partner in bravery. The Beyond Fear challenge is 14 days of FREE online yoga delivered to your inbox, all hosted by MyYogaWorks.

To take the challenge, all you need to do is practice yoga every day for two weeks at and you’ll be rewarded with the freedom that comes from facing your fears, just in time for Halloween! Plus you’ll have the chance to win tons of cool prizes!

Get over your fear with HL&S and let’s do some yoga together! Sign up HERE!


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