“Everyone’s true spirit is perfect, ageless, and timeless”, says author and yoga instructor Bruce Van Horn, “even when their bodies and minds are affected by age or disease.” He created Yomenco, a combination of breathing to inhale life force energy, finger/hand mudras and yoga stretching for upper-body strength, and flamenco music to enliven spirit. An offshoot of his Yoga for Business enterprises, Van Horn developed the movements for nursing homes and hospitals. People with Alzheimer’s, dementia, injuries, and limited range of motion respond profoundly to its benefits, their caregivers too. Yomenco can be an active meditation for anyone. Put on a Gypsy Kings’ CD and try this:

1) Begin by standing tall in a straight stance with your hands in front of your body, being aware of your core muscles. Inhale and lift up, bringing the energy/ food of the earth (oxygen) into your being.

2) Bring your arms up overhead, and twist your wrists so your palms are downward, with the pointer finger touching the thumb for the Knowledge mudra, signifying our long journey from humble tree dweller to masters of the world.

3) Now open your hands up to the Wisdom mudra, to signify our coming into awareness and enlightenment of the spiritual self.

4) Stretch up, then apart, fingers toward the ground, twist wrists again.

5) Bring your arms down and out to the sides, chest high, elbows out to side, finger tips touching. Repeat the entire sequence. Remember to coordinate your breath with the movement; tighten core muscles on the inhalation and exhalation.

6) Then repeat with your right hand only and then with your left hand. Feel the passion and emotion as you move energy through your body.

www.yomenco.com; www.yogaforbusiness.com; (800) 356-9315. Cameron’s newest release is Budokon Weight Loss System. To purchase, visit www.gaiam.com.

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