12 Soul-Warming Recipes Perfect for Fall


As soon as summer dwindles to an end, I’m ready to say goodbye and fully embrace the autumn months ahead. Sundresses, sunglasses and flip-flops are replaced with cozy, oversized knitted sweaters, thick thermal socks and chunky walking boots. Your cheeks feel permanently rosy from the drop in temperature, woolen scarves decorate our necks and it’s dark and cold outside and you know what? It’s by far my very favorite season of the year.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
– F. Scott` Fitzgerald

Candles become a nightly ritual to add a sense of coziness to the darker nights, and I’m all about that soulful cooking. You know, the kind of food that has real depth to it, and makes you feel content from the inside out. Recipes that make you feel embraced by their warmth even when outside it’s windy and cold. And with an infusion of such fall ingredients as pumpkin and warming spices like ginger, these recipes are perfect for your winter palette.


Pumpkin spice lattes are a sure sign of fall. As soon as the coffee shops start rolling these guys out, you know autumn has well and truly arrived. But why buy one? Not only are they pretty costly, they are often laden with refined sugar. Make your own at home with minimal ingredients and it’ll be like sipping autumn itself.

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I pretty much cook with pumpkin right up until Christmas, so I embrace any chance to include it in a recipe. I’m in love with this porridge recipe. A bowl of warm oats is the perfect way to start off the day during the colder months, plus its super nourishing and makes you feel warm from the inside out.

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Don’t get me wrong – I eat pancakes all year round. But this pumpkin spice infused stack is super appropriate and seasonal for fall, so enjoy these for breakfast, for brunch, for lunch . . . whatever takes your fancy!

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4. vegan pumpkin gingerbread muffins

These muffins are delightfully light, and spiced perfectly. Lighter in sugar than most of their counterparts, they feature healthy flours and chia seeds. They are delicious with a cup of hot chai.

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How gorgeous is this hummus? Its incredibly vibrant thanks to the pumpkin, and while there are no chickpeas in this recipe, it does contain the other classic hummus ingredients, including tahini, lemon and garlic. A little additional chili adds a slight spice against the sweetness of the pumpkin and the nuttiness of the tahini.

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When the seasons change and the temperature drops, we become susceptible to germs. Soup is warming and wholesome, but when it has anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ginger, it goes a long way to keeping your body healthy, too.

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7. slow cooker pumpkin soup

I love making batches of soup because it’s pretty cheap to make, it takes little time to prepare and yet it’s so wonderfully delicious to eat. And this soup recipes takes next to no time to make as you can throw it all into the slow cooker and come back when it’s ready to go!

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I love making a pot of chili. It’s wonderful on its own, but also great served with a bed of rice or thrown on top of a potato for a quick and filling dinner. And this one pot recipe means less mess; simply use the one pot to cook all of the delicious ingredients and let the magic happen.

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9. Chestnut Mushroom Bourguignon

Think warm and hearty when it comes to this dish. Adapted from the popular beef based recipe, this one utilizes chestnut mushrooms in place of the  meat, yet still offers a similar texture. This goes well with mashed potatoes, or you could simply eat it on its own with some chunky bread on the side to mop up all of that delicious sauce.

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I love nothing more than staying indoors during the colder months and ordering in delicious food. And one of my favorite recipes is pizza! But after learning more about hygge, I’m trying to spend more time cooking instead of ordering in, so I needed a delicious pizza recipe to try. This pizza is topped with rocket pesto, caramelized onions and chunks of soft pumpkin, and offers a flavorful twist on the traditional pie.

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I love apples. The scent and taste of apples give me instant nostalgia to my childhood growing up and picking ripe apples from my grandparent’s apple trees. This apple bread is sweet, without being sickeningly so, and full of apple goodness. It’s the perfect recipe to whip up if you have apples going soft and mushy. Snack on this as it is, or top with some vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert.

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12. Vegan Boozy Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate

I live for hot chocolate, and even though I’d happily slurp it all year round, there’s something special about your first hot chocolate of fall. And, y’know, cause I’m an adult, I’m going to add a little spice and booze to my mug this autumn. And not only will this beverage warm you from the inside out, it may help to improve your love life. Both the cayenne pepper and chocolate are aphrodisiacs, and who know’s where your night will lead after a mug of this before bed . . .

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Lora O'Brien

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