20 Important Life Truths Everyone Should Know.


life truths

There are many universally known important life truths.

Some of these truths are cliches, such as “There’s no time like the present”. They become cliches because they are time-tested maxims. But many of these important life truths are just solid indisputable common sense. These invaluable nuggets can guide us well and provide much-needed support and self-awareness when we find our way down ill-lit paths of sabotage and avoidable drama. Yet, even though we intellectually know a truth when we see, hear, taste, and smell it, often we argue it’s validity anyway because truth gets right the hell in our way of making poor decisions and feeling crappy about ourselves. Let’s stop that madness and acknowledge the beauty of life truths.

One of these important life truths is that life isn’t fair. Another is that you don’t want to sit downwind of your lactose intolerant friend after she just ate cheese. Here are a few more:

  1. No one trusts a gossip.
  2. Numbers on the scale only mean so much.
  3. It’s unnecessary to wash your hair every day.
  4. But it’s okay if you do.
  5. Facebook friends who constantly share workout advice in the vein of P90X and how many squats they did before breakfast are annoying.
  6. If you’re still talking about it, then you haven’t “let it go.”
  7. Women like sex too.
  8. Lying only works for so long.
  9. Everyone needs help.
  10. Money really doesn’t buy happiness.
  11. But having enough doesn’t hurt either.
  12. Laughing makes you feel better.
  13. Vagina isn’t a bad word.
  14. Asshole is.
  15. Great love takes work.
  16. We all have time to exercise.
  17. Perfection isn’t attractive your wonderful, little quirks are.
  18. We should speak the truth, with love.
  19. Thoughts become words and actions, so hone your thoughts into the words and actions that you want to live.
  20. Live each day like it’s your first, not your last.

Here’s hoping we all learn to not just embrace truth, but to lean on the wisdom and relief it promises to provide no matter how seductive believing all the bullshit might sometimes be.

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.” ~ Elvis Presley

life truths

Jennifer White

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