3 Secrets To Loving Your Body Inside & Out


Loving Your Body

Wanting to look perfect is one of the biggest thieves of joy.”


It trains your brain to think you’re not what you should be. Day after day we fall into the trap, thinking we should look a certain way because then and only then would we [fill in the blank with “get a man,” “be loved,” “get a better job,” etc.]. Only when we looked that way would we win fitness competitions and finally be happy.

Let’s take a real look positive body image at the ways we can love our bodies and our SELVES:

Stop obsessing over external appearances and obtaining an ideal body, and instead focus on the way being healthy makes you feel and what it gives you. You’ll find a deeper sense of gratification and more motivation to stay on track. You’ll also begin to lose tolerance for the way unhealthy choices make you feel.

You can also reframe the way you look at diet and exercise as something wonderful you do for yourself, rather than a way to punish your unhealthy choices.

Feed your body nourishing food so that you always feel your best, and remove the worries of disease and poor health. Exercise to relieve the daily stresses of life, to release endorphins, to fight anxiety, and to feel good. Meditate to get in touch with your emotions, to connect with the bigger picture, and to feel at peace. (Tiny Buddha.com)

  • Ignore the scale

No matter what the number on the scale is, you can be comfortable in your own skin. Obsessing about the number on the scale will keep you from enjoying life. Chances are you have weighed yourself in the past, but if your emotional mental wellbeing is tied to the number on the scale and it fluctuates based on your scale number than this can add stress to your life. People who are healthy and happy do not change their mood based on the scale number. You can be happy no matter what your number is.

  • Stop picking yourself apart

Let’s face it: No matter how close-to-perfection body you have (and just what is the perfect body anyway?), chances are, there is something you would change about it if you could. Even celebrities and models who have been stamped with the media’s “perfect body” rating have parts they dislike – their feet, their hands, their ears – and they don’t necessarily have high self-esteem either! Rather than pick your body apart, look at your body as a whole and find the many facets that you do appreciate and find beautiful.

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