Hot Summer, Cool Picks: 5 Skin Cooling Elixirs


August is hot here in the U.S, scorching in some places. Air conditioning offers indoor relief, but ain’t no avoiding the outdoors. And you may very much not want to. If you love the sun, sand, and water, you’re simply going to get hot. And even when you are indoors, do you dig hot yoga or any other workouts that make you sweat enough to fill a bathtub?  To keep your very largest and most visible organ feeling hydrated and comfortable, check out our hand-picked,  highly rated, inexpensive, and effective skin cooling products!

And be sure to take care of your skin pre-sun, too. Whether it’s your face or your feet, there is an answer to keep your skin feeling hydrated, healthy, and comfortable.

1. Fruit of the Earth Cooling Aloe Vera Lotion

This highly rated 20-ounce bottle prices at a mere $19.99. It’s fantastic for soothing sun-drenched skin, dry, chapped skin, and has a very cooling effect. If you’re either a sun-worshipper or simply obtained just a little too much of it on vacation, this should do the trick.

2. Shaveworks the Cool Fix

Big Love for Shaveworks The Cool Fix. For a mere $12.00, you get 2-ounces of cooling gel that is miraculous in getting rid of razor burn, waxing irritation, and ingrown hairs. We tend to our hair-producing body parts a tad more closely in the warm weather, so here’s something to help you stay smooth and irritation-free!

3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea

Mario Badescu has been at it a very long time. This 4-ounce spray is only $7 bones, y’all. The ingredients offer cooling, refreshing, and hydrating properties. All things we need to keep our faces looking fly in the summer heat.

4. The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray

Who’s dogs are barking? Probably yours. And this 3.3-ounce spray for just $10.00 may be the answer to your lovely, yet sweaty, stinky feet prayers. It’s very cooling, but be aware there is alcohol in this product. Bring it with you to transition from a big run outside to an outdoor cafe where your feet can be confidently lovely and odor-free.

5. DUDE Shower Body Wipes

I’m fairly sure this is actually a unisex product, but man oh man has the response been overwhelming. A box of ten wipes will run you only $7.59. Well worth it when a shower isn’t possible, but you really, truly need one. Easily transportable, and so very convenient for that after hot yoga class clean up.
One can go straight up broke trying a slew of products. To beat the heat and not break the bank, give the above offerings a try. The investment is minimal, and the pay off could be massive. Fall is closely on our heels, but we’ve still got a bit of very warm weather to manage. Stay hydrated, and enjoy the remaining hot days.
By Lara Falberg
Lara Falberg

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