Asana Sangit: Music for Yoga & Rejuvenation


Mark Biehl (Acuity Soundworks, $14.99)

Music for Yoga & Rejuvenation

If this disc could calm me and help me focus while working, imagine what it can do during yoga practice. (Massage therapists take note. This is a nice disc to add to your ambient repertoire.) The six lengthy tracks flow effortlessly into one another maintaining a meditative hum through swirls of gentle guitar and keyboard tones, subtle drums and strings. Even the occasional chanting, which I sometimes find intrusive in other contexts, served only to soothe and relax me. There’s an electronic element here that might put off instrumental purists, but overall the music is trance-like and appealing. Biehl composed and performs the music with a light touch, creating an arc from quiet meditation through more concentrated rhythm to a peaceful conclusion.


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