Midnight Flower


Drala (Dharma Moon, $15)

Midnight Flower

Drala, the two-man team of guitarist David Nichtern and bansuri flute player Steve Gorn, take their cues from Eastern philosophy and yoga. Both studied music and spirituality in India, and Nichtern’s wife is Cyndi Lee, founder of New York’s OM Yoga Center. So, it’s no surprise that the album’s five tracks follow a yoga practice arc from the drifty warm-up of ‘Child of Illusion’ through the livelier extended jam of ‘Moment to Moment’ to the meditative ‘Home Again’. Joining Drala this time is Indian vocalist Falguni, whose trilling and intonation add authenticity to the title song. The smoothly percussive ‘Seven Yogis Spinning’ proves that Drala can groove when they want to. And a sixth, bonus track, ‘Only Love (Can Save us Now)’ from Falguni’s upcoming solo release, has a more mainstream flavor and leaves you on a high note.


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