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Om Yoga Mix 2

(Dharma Moon, 2008)

In Cyndi Lee’s newest release, she continues the tradition she set with her first yoga mix, creating a soundtrack that provides a perfect backdrop to a flow yoga class. Lee, the owner of Om Yoga in New York City, and her husband David Nichtern, an award-winning composer, created this compilation by drawing on a wide range of music styles. Included on the CD you’ll find Mantra a previously unreleased work by world-renowned kirtan chanter Krishna Das, as well as more dance, trance, and world-inspired sounds. If you’re looking for an uplifting and motivational practice, this CD is sure to inspire.

Living with Ed, Season 1

(Gaiam, 2008)

In this hit TV-show, aired on HGTV, actor and environmentalist Ed Begley and his wife, Rachelle Carson Begley, open their home (and those of their closest celeb friends) to the public, showcasing the myriad ways one can live more sustainably. Begley himself uses a stationary bike to run his toaster oven, a solar oven for cooking, and created his white picket fence out of recycled milk bottles. Sound extreme? Perhaps, but ultimately the message of this show is that every little bit does make a difference. In each episode, you’ll follow Begley as he travels from such locations as Jay Leno’s garage (yes, his car collection is run on alternative fuels) to the Sundance Film Festival. You’ll not only leave each segment with simple tips to reduce your footprint, but also a smile on your face, as watching the Begleys green the world is sometimes a bit amusing.


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