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Ever feel that hard-to-describe urge to get more involved, connect with other people, or create something lasting? According to Jan Phillips, an artist, spiritual mentor, and author of Marry Your Muse (Quest Books, 1998), and A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind (Breakthrough Press, 2000), that sentiment is actually a form of creative expression stemming from the basic human needs of feeling healed, and wanting to be of use to other people and our communities. “To be an artist, it is not necessary to make one’s living from one’s creations,” explains Phillips. “To be an artist is not to wait for others to define us, but to define ourselves, to claim our lives.”

At women’s centers, spiritual retreats, and spas nationwide, Phillips presents Marry Your Muse, a workshop that helps participants explore questions like “Who am I?” and “What are my gifts?” For those who can’t attend the seminars, a six cassette series offers guidance from artists and spiritual women for overcoming creative “blocks,” understanding what a “muse” is and where to find yours, plus time management suggestions that help make time for creative work. Suggested exercises like journaling and listening to music are interspersed among the twelve sessions, which ultimately teach participants to recognize “the art spirit that makes every act of creation possible.”

Need some one-on-one guidance to coax out your own creativity? For $25 per quarter hour, Phillips also provides coaching via phone, email, or in person (in her hometown of San Diego, or after her presentations) to help clients make the most of their own talents. And her electronic “Museletter” provides monthly inspiration for all “artists” with provocative quotations, announcements of upcoming events, and challenging ideas. “Life doesn’t just happen,” emphasizes Phillips. “We are all authors of our own experiences and we can all be artists at life.” For more information visit

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