What Makes YOU Beautiful?


Although learning to love our bodies is a hard journey, the Esteemed Woman Foundation’s Chick Flick House Party Kit ($29.95, esteemedwoman.com) makes it a little easier. In addition to a hostess gift, the kit includes invitations, journaling pads, popcorn, candles, Esteemed Woman pins, a discussion guide with interactive esteem building activities, and a copy of I am Beautiful, a documentary film featuring commentary about body acceptance from Gloria Steinem, author Linda Ellerbe (who underwent a double mastectomy operation during breast cancer treatment), and other celebrities. “When a woman is comfortable in her own skin, other things in her life just will just fall into place,” says Suzie Galler, founder of the Esteemed Woman foundation and director of several episodes of Lifetime Television’s Intimate Portrait series.

The EW site also offers self-esteem building tips and mother/daughter reading selections. A message board where women can connect over self esteem issues is also on the way. “Our mission is to encourage women to recognize and build upon their inner resources, strengths, and ability to control their own destiny,” explains Galler. “A Chick Flick party in a safe space lets women explore and share their self-esteem journeys. It’s the perfect environment to get inspired by one another.”         

Audrey D. Brashich

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