Becoming an Oracle: Connecting to the Divine Source for Information and Healing


(Sounds True, 2009)

For over 20 years, author Nicki Scully has been exploring and teaching the subtleties of shamanism and the Egyptian mysteries. The author of five books, including Alchemical Healing (Bear & Co., 2003), Scully is also the founder of Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. In Becoming an Oracle, she offers her instruction on awakening our deepest intuition in order to receive information not available to us on a more familiar sensory level. Broken out into seven different workshop sessions that span a total of eight hours, this series draws from the mystical wisdom of a range of ancient cultures, including the Greeks, Mayans, and Egyptians. It also includes a comprehensive study guide for learning to connect with the universal healing energy available to us all.

Debra Bokur

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