5 Cool Ways to Renew & Reinvent Yourself for Spring



Spring is a wonderful time for renewal and to reinvent yourself.

I always get the itch to change things up whenever the seasons change as it’s a great way to get inspired and encourage yourself to try new things. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up for spring and summer, there are plenty of fun ways to ‘reinvent’ yourself without getting too crazy or costly.

5 easy ways to reinvent yourself for spring

Here Are My 5 Easy Ways to Reinvent Yourself For Spring

  • Brighten Up Your Hair

Crazy hair colors are all the rage right now and while you may want to avoid using the chemical-laden dyes, you can still have some fun by brightening up your current color or change it by using natural hair color brands. You can reinvent by naturally coloring your hair using henna dyes or herbal tints. Alternatively, you can opt the DIY route by using coffee to darken your hair and increase shine or lightening your hair with lemon juice. Redheads can increase color depth by using beet or pomegranate juice.

  • Change Up Your Makeup

Changing up your natural beauty routine is a great way to improve your confidence and reinvent yourself. You can purchase some new eye shadows, natural lipsticks, or try a new makeup look that you previously shied away from. You can switch up your skincare or hair products to lighter ones that are more appropriate for the warmer weather months as well.

  • Embolden Your Style

With the change of seasons, we’re all ready to swap our sweaters for lighter tops, tanks and shorts, but if you’re like me, you get into the habit of wearing the same kinds of things over and over again. The next thing you know, you have 50 striped tops. To get out of what many refer to as a style rut, try adding new colors, textures and cuts to your wardrobe. You can try any number of spring trends, bright colors and prints, or lighter textures to what you already own. You don’t have to wear things you don’t like, but stepping out of your fashion box will allow you to venture out and get more creative. Fashion can and should be fun!

  • Spring Clean Your Mind

If you’re on a budget or don’t feel you need a physical refresher, why not try an emotional one? Clearing the clutter out of your mind is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, get out of a rut, and improve your health. Maybe you battle negative thoughts and pessimism. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and stressed to the breaking point. Maybe you just feel dull and uninspired. Whatever your personal challenges, clearing your mind and working through emotional obstacles is a great way to improve your mental state and overall sense of happiness.

  • Try Something New

If you’ve changed up your hair, makeup, style, and done a little mental spring clean, but still want some more spring fun, why not just try something new? If you’re like me, you might be super stubborn and adverse to change. If that’s the case, trying something new might be just the thing you need to feel encouraged and inspired again. You know what they say, “success is just outside your comfort zone” and it couldn’t be more true! Every time I push myself to conquer a fear and try something new that makes me nervous or scared, I always feel a sense of proud accomplishment. Even if your fear is as simple as going to a yoga class or trying rock climbing, it’s absolutely worth the undertaking.

Whatever you try is your decision, but just remember to get out of your box. We can get so complacent and comfortable in our comfort zones that we forget that life is about living and reinvention! Try something new, take the leap, put on that bold lip color, overcome your mental and physical fears, and wear what you want already! There’s no time like the present to start living the life you dream of and becoming the best version of yourself.

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