How to Clear Fear By Leading Your Inner Voice


According to Charlie Greer, The National Science Foundation reports that the average person thinks about twelve thousand thoughts per day.

A deeper thinker puts forth fifty thousand thoughts daily. Most of us don’t even realize these thoughts are going on. But the little voice inside our heads is the number one reason we stay safe in life. The little voice, often called the ego, is engaged in non-stop running dialogs.

The conversations usually focus on judgment, under-appreciation or condescending tones. Rhonda Britten, founder of the Fearless Living Institute says people fall into two categories. Some blame the world for their problems; others blame themselves.

Depending on which category you fall into, your running internal dialog may differ. It is important to recognize what the voice is saying. Most of us go through life thinking that the little voice in our heads is “us” and that is why things are the way they are. But the reality is that voice inside our heads is not us. We do have control over what the voice can say. We can choose positive thoughts and loving intentions.

Rather than judging other people or feeling insecure or jealous, we can remind ourselves to choose better thoughts. This practice will generate tremendous results in your life. The first step is to recognize that this  voice exists, and it tells you things about yourself, about the world, about your past, and things that aren’t true.

Most the time the voice creates stories that feel real but are not real. Fear is simply something we create in our heads to try to protect us. Every person on the planet has the little voice. So, first recognizing that there is a little voice, and then understanding that everyone else is playing the same warped fear game can help make the next couple steps easier.

People often find that going with the flow and sticking to the normal is the best way to live life with the least amount of fear. The security of the steady paycheck, the ability to plan for the future and stash hordes of money away so we can play at the end of our lives is what society has conditioned us to abide by. Most of us travel through life feeling a little pull that we were meant for more, but ignore its push. These couple of tips will help you explore that push and we encourage you to discover more ways to get yourself over that mediocrity hump you may be hanging onto in order to avoid your fears.

  • Ask What Do I Want

There is only one person in the entire world who knows what will make you happy: you. Most people race around without stopping even to ask themselves, “What do I want?” Usually the simpler we can make our lives the more we can make room for what is really important to us.

  • Take a Mind-Retreat

Take yourself on a mind-retreat. Explore visualization techniques that can help get you in the mind frame; visualization is a great way to help expand your mental state. Either way, accept being alone with your thoughts and looking beyond regular expectations. Take advantage of the time to regroup and rethink, so that when you get back to the ‘real world’ and away from your virtual mind retreat, you’ll be stronger than ever and envision your life with a new found intention.

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