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Manitoba is setting an example in environmentally healthy working conditions and sustainable building design with its new Hydro Building in downtown Winnipeg. A concept of the Toronto-based Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, the new building is approximately 695,000-square-feet in size, with a host of features that demonstrate Manitoba’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol. Designed to be a world-class energy-efficient structure, as well as a global leader in sustainability and green design, some of its many environmentally friendly features include:

Passive systems for ventilation, heating, and cooling

Atria located throughout the tower that serve as solar collectors, air exchangers, air handlers, and airshafts

Optimized solar exposure to reduce thermal loss through the north side of the building

Window design details that optimize daylight and reduce artificial lighting requirements

A water feature located in the south atrium, controlling humidity

A double facade, acting as a protective ‘envelope’ and reducing heating loads by providing a shield against extreme outside temperatures and weather conditions

Exposed radiant concrete ceilings to maintain building temperatures

Geothermal heat pump system for ground heat exchange in winter

Natural ventilation, which minimizes the need for a forced air circulation system

A living foliage green roof

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