Greener Resolutions


Greener Resolutions

I have never been a big fan of the New Year’s Resolution. Sitting down a day or two before the New Year and coming up with a list that inevitably is pages long, filled with expectation and the pressure of overachievement just doesn’t interest me. But, one thing does interest me: living a more eco-friendly life. Which got me to thinking, what if our one resolution this year was to be more respectful of the planet? It seems that many of us have lost our connection to the planet, forgetting that many of our actions can have negative impacts on the earth’s eco-systems. So, what would this simple resolution look like in our everyday lives? Below are some tangible ways you can stick to your green resolution this year:

Minimize waste. Start by keeping track of your waste and then over time minimizing your waste output. This year join one of TerraCycle’s Brigade’s, which includes an Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade, Cork Brigade, Yogurt Brigade, and Bear Naked Granola Brigades. For each of these brigades, consumers can turn in their used wrappers and containers and TerraCycle will recycle them and make a donation toward a charity of choice. For instance, two cents for every Balance or Clif energy bar wrapper turned in will be donated. Sign up for the program at

Save water by taking shorter showers. A 5-minute shower uses on average 10 gallons of water. Try to take a 3-4 minute shower instead and set a timer. Use a collection bucket in your shower and water your plants with the collected water.

Decrease your carbon footprint by walking more and using public transportation. Enjoy getting more exercise, or getting some reading done while taking the bus.

Minimize paper and plastic use by bringing your own cloth bags everywhere you go (not just to the supermarket). Find a bag at,,,, or

Save energy by turning off lights when not using rooms in your house.

And, read Simple Prosperity by David Wann for more tips on simplifying your life.

by Anna Getty

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