Coconut Water: A Hangover Cure That Actually Works


coconut water hangover cureCoconut water is attributed with the ability to solve so many maladies. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if handling your hangover was one of them? The coconut water hangover cure might just be the very thing.

Coconut water, often called “the fluid of life” and “nature’s energy drink,” contains a whole slew of nutrients and electrolytes our bodies crave, including vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, and calcium.  A low-cal answer to sugar-laden sports drinks, coconut water has become increasingly popular in fitness circles.

Hollywood stars are also singing its praises, including Madonna and Demi Moore, both of whom invested in Vita Coco, a leading pioneer in the emerging coconut water market.  As an excellent rehydrator, coconut water is gaining a reputation as a natural hangover cure.  Alcohol is a diuretic which flushes the body of essential vitamins and nutrients and leads to dehydration and that’s exactly where coconut water steps in.  Packed with more electrolytes than water or sports drinks, coconut water replenishes what alcohol takes away.

According to Dana James of FoodCoach, “coconut water’s high potassium helps accelerate hydration and the liquid is non-acidic, so it won’t upset your stomach.”  To address your much enjoyed night out, try this coconut water hangover cure smoothie recipe recommended by James:

coconut water hangover cure

  • Eight ounces of coconut water.  James recommends using Vita Coco or another fresh coconut water.
  • Half a cup of frozen strawberries (rich in vitamin C, fiber, manganese, and antioxidants).  Blueberries are a great substitute.
  • A shot of wheatgrass or 1 teaspoon of green powder to aid in digestion and detoxification.
  • A heaping spoonful of vegan protein powder (the amino acids aid detoxification).
  • A splash of aloe vera juice.
  • A dash of cinnamon to sweeten and protect the liver from alcohol damage.
  • One teaspoon of organic honey to sweeten.

Mix ingredients in a blender for sixty to ninety seconds.  Pour into glass and serve. 

Finally, a natural hangover cure to go nuts over!

-Holly K 

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