Core Fusion Thighs & Glutes


Core Fusion Thighs


Husband and wife team, Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, creators of Core Fusion (and founding team members of Exhale mind/body spa) have taken their Core Fusion class and made bite-sized DVDs focused on specific parts of the body. Core Fusion combines Pilates, Lotte Berk Method, yoga, and core conditioning into a fun, upbeat workout that will tire your muscles. But, don’t let this title fool you, it may say ‘thighs and glutes’ but you’ll also work your lower legs, lower back and abs as you strengthen and tone your body. My thighs were shaking (in a good way as DeVito points out) after just one of the five 10-minute workouts featured on the tape. And the only equipment I needed was a chair. Who needs the gym? I never liked that thigh machine anyway!


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