Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders



Yoga to the Rescue for Neck

Featuring Anusara Yoga expert, Desiree Rumbaugh, known for her beautiful flowing practice and impeccable instruction, Acacia’s new Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders is a wonderful addition to any at-home yoga library. The thirty-minute tutorial at the beginning is helpful for both beginners and more experienced yogis, helping refine postures, providing detailed energetic and physical instruction to find a more open, and strong asana practice. The flowing sequence focuses on both strengthening and stretching the upper back and shoulder muscles, as well as the lower back and core muscles integral for finding an open heart. Some portions of the practice can be modified, depending on skill level. Rumbaugh has a beautiful style, practice, and her cues are both useful and mindful. Afterall, who doesn’t have tightness in their shoulders, or more importantly, want to find a more open heart?


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