T’ai Chi for Liberation: An Ancient Practice from Wudang Mountain


(Sounds True, 2009)

Wudang Mountain

There’s plenty of data available supporting the power of T’ai Chi to promote physical health, reduce stress, and improve balance. According to practitioners of this ancient art, it can also lead to and help to cultivate spiritual awareness. In his new DVD T’ai Chi for Liberation, John Milton guides viewers through the same practice followed since the 13th century by T’ai Chi masters from Wudang Mountain, considered to be one of the most spiritual locations in China. Milton, a renowned meditation teacher, vision quest guide, environmentalist, and master of both T’ai Chi and Qigong, talks you through each step. Even if you’ve never tried T’ai Chi before, Milton presents the moves in a straightforward and comfortable manner. The tranquil background adds to an experience that’s both rejuvenating and tremendously peaceful. ($19.95)

Debra Bokur

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