There is a strong connection with our subconscious thoughts and how those thoughts are manifested. For instance, if we think we’re going to fail, we typically do. This is why hypnosis is frequently utilized for such issues as sleep disorders, emotional eating, and stress in general. In the same vein, yoga is often recommended for individuals who are looking to connect their body and mind those who are seeking union of the two. Now, you can combine hypnosis and yoga, and give yourself a strong foundation for real, life-long change.

The 6 Week Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss program, part of Hyp-Yoga’s collection, which also includes a series on sleep and one on stress prevention, is designed to provide participants with an active (and quick) daily yoga practice, a daily hypnosis session, as well as a journal to record all of the “stuff” that comes up during both. Each week you’ll learn new poses and dive deeper into all of the blockages that keep you holding on (both physically and mentally) to old bad behaviors. While I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, the sessions leave you feeling incredibly at ease, and present, which turns out is the key to real transformation.


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