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Detox, weight loss, and cleanse, these seem to be the buzz words this spring season. Cleaning up your act is an important first step to getting more health and wellness into your life, but you don’t have to overhaul your entire life to achieve positive results.

Being healthy is a mindset not a destination.

Cleansing  be great for your body, but it’s not for everyone. Whether you’re trying to lose your padding piled on from winter insulation, or simply trying to increase your energy, these tips can help:

1. Eliminate packaged foods.

Stop eating food that causes you to be bloated, tired or moody. Each body is different but look at your own habits. Try omitting gluten, dairy, and sugar for an entire week, then check in and see how you feel. These three food groups are often considered by health experts to be the top culprits of weight gain and water retention.

2. Drink more water. 

Water is a natural detoxing method. Drink more to remove toxins that build up in your body. The majority of people actually walk around dehydrated without even noticing. Put flavor in your water to encourage drinking even more. Water can soften the tissues and allow your body to naturally release toxins. Water is also good for your gorgeous smile. People who drink more water often have less cavities and tooth aches. This is because water acts as a mouthwash and removes bacteria in the mouth.

3. Ditch the sugar.

Hear at Healing Lifestyles & Spas we are fans of everything in moderation, but if you’re trying to do a cleanse, give up sugar, this means no alcohol including. Instead drink up on water and green tea. your waistline, skin and cells will thank you.

4. Eat more leafy greens

Eat more vegetables because they can help you detox. Greens are superheroes because they break down fats in the body and boast cancer-fighting antioxidants. A good rule of thumb is to look at your plate, and make sure it is half filled with greens like kale, and broccoli. Experiment and see what works for you!

5. Move Your Body

Do an activity that you love. If you don’t like going to gyms than stay away and dance in your living room, go for a walk in nature or do yoga in your living room. Finding an activity you love is important for your wellbeing.

Dr. Bos, a Dentist in Gladstone, OR says that finding an activity you love can help improve your confidence and will help you smile more.

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