Detoxify Your Skin


Detoxify Your Skin

As the summer sun’s heat-packed rays provoke beads of sweat to seep from your pores, toxins are simultaneously gathering and forming into unwelcome breakouts.

These months are meant to be about less-is-more in the make-up department; worrying about blemishes (and the cover-up that conceals them) is the last thing that should be on your mind when baring your body at the beach. Stave off acne and save face with detoxifying skincare products.

Stress has an effect on more than your mind; it also wreaks havoc on your skin. Yes, when you are late to an early morning meeting because you overslept due to a long night dancing, both your body and your face are begging for some sort of saving grace!

Thankfully Skyn Iceland has created the solution for stressed skin. The 5-Day Detox Kit for Stressed Skin is a results-driven program created from pure, naturally bioactive ingredients harvested from Icelandic botanicals and glacier waters. The decongesting, calming, purifying, refreshing, and healing four-pack of skin-salvaging products will help to restore the equilibrium of your dermis and leave it a little less stressed.

Celebrities like Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Diane Lane have, for years, depended on hairstylist Sally Hershberger for her mane taming cuts. Simultaneously, The Face Place in Los Angeles has been responsible for maintaining the skin of some of Hollywood’s most luminous stars. Now, the two beauty gurus have come together with Sally Hershberger Face Place Salon and Skincare products based on six basic principles: detoxify, clarify, maintain, replenish, repair, and protect. The detoxifying line of Face Refinisher, Face Wash, and Face Shampoo helps to gently remove surface and pore-seeped impurities using botanical extracts that leave your skin with that red-carpet glow.

When the chai latte came on the scene, this new incarnation of the esteemed steamed drink received instant buzz and became the first a.m. craving of countless coffee converts. More than a mode to jumpstart the morning, the intoxicating blend of Indian spices “including cardamom, cinnamon, ginger root, black pepper, and nutmeg “combined with honey and milk, stirred our senses and warmed our insides.

Philip B’s Chai Latte Soul and Body Wash.


While the stimulating drink is still consumed by the masses, it is making the natural progression (as coffee and chocolate have done) to the skin. Milk “a natural exfoliant “helps remove dead skin cells, honey “with humectant and antiseptic qualities “deeply cleanses and moisturizes (for more information on the healing powers of honey see page 60), and black tea helps tighten and tone. Try Philip B’s Chai Latte Soul and Body Wash.

Kama Ayurveda


Ayurvedic skincare practices are based on balancing the body and skin by detoxifying the system through specific herbs and spices. Kama Ayurveda, an all-natural, Ayurvedic product line, combinines herbal ingredients and oils collected by India’s tribal communities in each of their products. The Miraculous Beauty Fluid, Kama’s signature product, is formulated around saffron, a rare red-hued spice that acts as the catalyst to extract toxins, ridding the body of impurities. Once the unwanted chemicals and dirt have been extricated, one’s complexion is illuminated and even-toned. To experience Kama Ayurveda in the U.S. visit San Francisco’s Safronya Retreat.‚,

When following a detoxifying beauty regimen, don’t forget about the mane event! Exposing your hair to salt water in the ocean, chlorine in the pool, toxins and chemicals in the environment, even the minerals in your shower, can create sticky build-up that dulls and weighs down your locks. Ojon Detox Recovery Cleanser removes potentially damaging dirt and preps your hair to be revitalized with a follow-up deep conditioning treatment. After the detox prep, protect your hair with Ojon’s Restorative Hair Treatment, which creates a nourishing barrier that locks moisture in and keeps toxins out.

Detoxifying your face often starts on the inside. Topical treatments only go so far if your insides are riddled with an array of toxins that are oozing out through your pores. Tackle the problem by getting under your skin with Sprayology’s City Life Detoxer. The homeopathic oral spray neutralizes daily toxins that we ingest. Your daily dose of the near-flavorless spray is said to relieve respiratory difficulties, coughing, lung and liver toxicity, and sluggishness, all caused from the environmental toxins that mingle amongst us.

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