3 Natural Ways To Green Your Monthly Flow


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Not exactly the most glamorous of topics to write about, but I just read a report that the average woman uses 17,000 pads and tampons in their lifetime. And most of us don’t buy the most natural of brands, meaning we’re exposing ourselves on a monthly basis to dioxin as well as synthetic fibers that our bodies aren’t quite accustomed to. That’s not even considering where the tampons and pads end up when we’re finished with them in the landfill.

So, we decided to do the research and find out what sort of natural products are out there. A few are a bit “out there” when comparing them to your typical tampax tampon, but others are a bit more mainstream, yet natural.

Read on for 4 more ways to have a more natural period.

  1. Luna Pads: Luna pads are essentially a washable, organic cotton pad. Made with a pad base (that has wings) and a removable liner, these pads are less likely to leak. They come in a few more wild designs in case you want to spice up your monthly cycle, too.
  2. Diva Cup: I have half a dozen friends who swear by the Diva Cup (especially those on IUDs, who have relatively unpredictable cycles for the first few months). Made of silicone, this reusable menstrual cup collects your flow rather than absorbing it. It is free of toxins, as well as phthalates, PVC, BPA and plastic and is a comfortable fit.
  3. Organic Tampons: Seventh Generation as well as few other lines make organic tampons made from organic cotton, which means you’re eliminating chlorine and dyes as well as fragrances. While it isn’t the most eco-friendly option (as it still has to be disposed), it is a great option if you want to stick to a more traditional route.
  4. Softcup: The soft cup fits internally around the cervix and can be used for the course of one cycle. Similar to the Diva cup it collects your menstrual flow instead of absorbing it. And unlike tampons, Softcup has had not reported.
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