Diet Disasters



So, the obvious cheese plate is a no-no, but did you know the veggie plate might be even worse for you? Here are our top diet disasters and how to turn them around.

The veggie plate – Whether you’re dipping your veggies into a creamy dressing (2 tbs. has up to 15 grams of fat), or “healthy” peanut butter (again 94 calories/tablespoon), veggies done this way can easily pack on the pounds. Instead go for a black bean dip, hummus, or salsa.

Zucchini or Sweet Potato Fries – Rule of thumb: When frying food it doesn’t matter how good the food was to begin with. Zucchini fries and sweet potato fries have no more health benefits than their white counterparts.

Salad Busters – Keep the greens and add more greens. But skip the croutons, dried fruit, cheese, and go light with the nuts. Although nuts do offer healthy fats they also pack a lot of calories. Miss the crunch? Try topping your salad with a small spoonful of GrapeNuts.

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