Does Sugar Rule Your World?


Does Sugar Rule World

Are you feeling a little deflated? Maybe you feel a little lethargic or agitated? These could be signs of a sugar addiction, a very real, and common disease in America. After all sugar is omnipresent, and it’s just in your candy and sugar cereal.

Did you know that the average American will eat about 130 pounds of sugar every single year, which is equal to about 3 pounds of sugar every single week? Yikes!

On average, Americans eat 500 extra calories a day of sugar. Most people don’t think about sugar and its effect on our health, but diagnosing a sugar addict is easier than you think. If you think you might be addicted to sugar but are not sure, these questions could help. Ask yourself these key questions to determine if you are addicted to sugar:

•  Have you ever tried to cut down or control your use of sweet foods?

• Is it impossible to “just say no” to sweet foods?

• Are you using more sweet foods than ever before?

• Have you ever gone out of your way to get something sweet?

If you said yes to any of these questions you may have a sugar addiction.

The first step is to recognize the addiction…

According to certain brain scans, sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Which mean watch out, this little white substance can put you into a hospital if you are not careful. Many studies have been published and research groups have documented the effects of sugar on our brain and bodies chemistry. Sugar can be an addiction substance that triggers an emotional response, the same as someone who suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Doctors and Dentists have long tried to warn patients about the issues around sugar. It can lead to increase weight gain, eating disorders, discolored and cavity filled teeth. Avoid it at all costs, but before you can avoid the sugary substance, you must recognize the addiction and your powerlessness under its influence.


 Does Sugar Rule World

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