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Aysia Wright, the founder of Greenloop, an eco fashion retailer, understands one’s desire to balance fashion with an eco-ethos. Now she wants to take that desire and transform the modeling industry. Wright, recently unveiled Project Green Search, the first eco model search out of her desire to promote environmental and humanitarian issues, while still supporting the industry she loves. Says Wright, “I am always in search of new ways to reach the masses with the message of environmental and social responsibility and how each of us plays a vital role. Project Green Search is my latest endeavor, the goal of which is to inspire people to align their careers with their social and environmental values.”

The contest, which ended Sunday, October 11th, will award one lucky winner with a modeling contract, an eco-fashion wardrobe, an eco goodbie bag, and a one-year stint as the face of Proejct Green Search. Scanning through the entries you’ll find inspirational women who participate in wide range of causes, including animal advocacy, conservation, water preservation, and world peace projects. In addition, as part of the contest, all contestants are required to donate 10 hours of volunteer time to an environmental non-profit of their choice.

Wright hopes to lead an old industry in a new direction with this project. Adds Wright, “With the most talented people in the labor pool making a conscious decision to seek out sustainable companies to work for, they all have a better chance of reshaping the current economic landscape.”

Now it’s time for you to get involved. The search has ended, and the contest is in your hands. So, visit Project Green Search and cast your vote. On October 16th, 10 contestants will be selected to attend the finals in Los Angeles; the winner will be announced at the beginning of November. Make your voice known and support women who are being chosen not exclusively on their looks, but also for their advocacy and volunteer work and green ideals.

By Melissa B. Williams

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