Essential Prevention Tips


Essential Prevention TipsEssential Prevention Tips

Continued from our Retreat & Renew Daily Tip.

Melissa Wiliams, Freelance Writer | Co-Owner, Yoga Junction

1.Create community. Studies have repeatedly shown that individuals with supportive networks live longer. Unfortunately, many of us slip out of the “habit” of connecting with friends and family. Join a club, go to church or another spiritual group, start a walking club. Whatever helps you find connection, try and keep it.

2. Protect your skin. Skin cancer is serious. Wear protective clothing and use sunscreen even in winter.

3. Listen to how you speak. We tend to fill our days with “woe is me” type comments, consistently upping our agony when speaking to anyone who will listen. Instead, try to start your phrase or conversation on a positive note. “Isn’t it beautiful day?” Yes, it’s a good day to be alive.

4. Stay present. Yoga isn’t about achieving a perfect pose, it’s about learning to be what “is” (the $%! and all) and staying with it. The bad will pass. So will the good. Try and release your expectations and allow what is going to come to come.

5. Limit your exposure. We are bombarded with endocrine disruptors everyday, shares Sara Gottfried, MD. Bisphenol A and phthalates can disrupt your hormones and increase your risk for infertility, miscarriage and possibly even cancer. Check plastic and cans; her suggestion is the mantra, “1, 2, 5, stay alive.” Products made with the codes 3 and 4 are more likely to contain harmful BPA and phthalates.

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