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Meet Barbara Jacques, Founder and Creative Director, Jacq’s Organics

I am surrounded by sea of love, peace, joy, understanding, support, wisdom, abundance and tranquility.

It’s been about two years that I’ve been following Barbara Jacques, watching this beautiful Caribbean earth mama and her family light up my Instagram feed. I would admire the photos of her mixing the gorgeous ingredients by hand, always with her daughter nearby. When I discovered that Jacq’s Organics was a skincare line born out of personal illness, I was inspired to include her alongside other heroic women in an article on our blog called Facing Off Cancer.

I recently got to try a few of Jacq’s Organics Hero Products, Sweet Orange Face Toner and Face Serum and the famous Green Smoothie Scrub and Masque. The ingredient lists contain one skin brightening healthy ingredient after another and each one of the products are finished with sweet and uplifting completely natural scent. I got to talk with Barbara and learn what makes Jacq’s Organics special and what I found is that it’s all about family, healing and connection.

  • When did Jacq’s Organics launch, and how has the natural and organic beauty industry changed since that time?

In 2011, I was inspired to begin my research on all natural bath and skincare after my husband and I learned I had an ovarian tumor during my pregnancy. I became obsessed with learning about my tumor, baby bath products, preservatives and ingredients.

At the time, majority of the products available on the market contained the toxic ingredients I was trying to avoid, especially in baby care products. Frustrated, disappointed and irritated with what was available, I started researching, formulating and creating my own bath products for my family.

After the birth of my daughter, we launched Jacq’s Organics in the spring of 2012.


  • What is Jacq’s Organics’ Mission, and what do you do best?  

Our mission is pretty simple, to promote and encourage a healthy skin, body and lifestyle products that everyone in the family can love and enjoy. I’d like to think that what we do best is help keep families together and remind them what’s really important. What better way to unwind from a long hectic day by taking a relaxing shower with herbaceous soap created to wash away the day, instead of walking around the house grumpy and irritated? When it’s bath time for the kids, parents can spend quality time and reconnect with their baby or toddlers with splashing and laughter. Right before dinner, you can light one of our candles to help relieve stress and set the tone for the evening. Or when an expecting mom has an itchy belly, her significant other can help rub some carefully formulated belly oil on her belly and both parents can connect and have a lasting memory.


Modern families have become disconnected from each other with the use of electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, ipods and television. I like to believe that we are doing more than just creating safe skin and bath products for a growing family, but rather we’re helping families or loved ones stay connected.


  • How do you embrace sustainability in your company?  

 Product packaging contributes to an excessive amount of waste. That why we use biodegrade and recycled shipping materials, recycled paper for packaging our cleansing bars, recyclable glass and plastic containers and we reuse packages whenever possible. I’m big on using less, so no excess packaging here. We really embrace conservation and sustainability.


  • What’s your favorite healthy ingredient, and why do you love it?  What products feature it?  

Luckily, there are so many good-for-you healthy ingredients. I love carrots, chia seeds, avocado, papayas, shea butter, spinach, kale and roots like yucca. But my favorite has to be a beloved staple, aloe vera. Aloe vera is a simple plant that grows in just about in every region all over the world. I love the ingredient because it’s a super plant. It’s an ideal ingredient because you can drink it, apply directly to your skin, use it in your hair and even use it a decorative plant. It’s extremely healing plus research has shown its 7 times more moisturizing than water and the plants work as a great air purifiers in your home or office.


Growing up, my mom would have me drink aloe very juice and use it as scrub on my face during. Aloe vera has been proven to be soothing on sensitive skin, hydrating on dry rough skin and healing for skin conditions such as rashes, eczema and dermatitis. Using products that include contain aloe also helps combat inflammation, skin issues and more.

We use it as the base of our entire Jacq’s Organics product line. We used fresh aloe vera juice made in house in our cleansing bars and aloe vera extract in our serums and face toners.


  • What, if any, causes, charities and organizations does Jacq’s Organics support, and how? 

Prior to Jacq’s Organics, I worked in the not-profit sector primarily doing communications and fundraising. So, charities and organizations hold a special place in my heart. We currently work with The United Way of Broward County, where I volunteer each year as a Reading Tutor in their program created to improve reading and comprehension skills to students in my community. By helping them learn to read better we build their self esteem, improve their reading levels and help reduce school dropout rates. I also partner with the United Way throughout the year.

We also donate a percentage of our proceeds to two organizations J/P Haitian Relief which was created in response to the catastrophic earthquake that took place in Haiti on January 2010. We also donate to The Global Soap Project which partners with global health organizations to bring soap to impoverished communities and create sustainable communities through education and job training.



  • Is Jacq’s Organics used in spas?  If so, which ones and what are some of your favorite treatments featuring Jacq’s Organics’ products? 

Currently, we are sold in spas but we’re working on treatment offerings and protocols so that we can partner with spas to use Jacq’s Organics in the treatment setting.


  • Where is your company based? Can you tell us a little bit about Jacq’s Organics Headquarters, your team and your company culture? 

Jacq’s Organics studio is located in sunny Dania Beach, Florida, a small historic city located less than 20 miles from Miami primarily known for its antique stores and beautiful beaches. Our studio is located less than 5 miles from the nearest beach.

Our team consists of James, my husband, VP of Operations, our Graphic Designer Ally B., Laudie J. who works in production and helps with marketing and promotions, our VP of Fun and Laughter, my daughter Dominique and myself. I manage our accounts, run the business, formulate and make products and everything in between.


The culture of our company is defined by our core values. The environment in the studio is pretty laid back, fun and creative but we strive on creating a culture that always exudes the company values listed below.

  • Create quality products
  • Deliver amazing customer service
  • Create a fun and learning environment
  • Conserve and use less
  • Be innovative and maintain integrity
  • Reduce our carbon foot print every chance we can
  • Always keep an open mind
  • Embrace change and be fearless
  • Work together as a team


  • How would you describe your ideal customer?  

My ideal customer is a mom who’s married or single with 2 kids. She’s smart, savvy, stylish and environmentally conscious about what she and her family put in and on their bodies. She knows what she likes and what she wants.


  • You’ve got a great Instagram account and you often feature your family in your posts.  Can you share a little bit more about them…

 Jacq’s Organics is a family business. My husband is my business partner and my daughter is the reason Jacq’s Organics was launched. To tell you the truth, James is quite the soap wrapper. But when we attend shows or participate in events, James will be right by my side.

My daughter is always with me and so is James. We love spending quality time together which is probably why they’re always on my Instagram feed.



  • I’d love to know who inspires you and why…? 

My inspiration comes from my Caribbean background, my environment and my experiences. Living in Miami, I’m surrounded by beautiful tropical colors. I meet people from different cultures from around the world and am surrounded by beautiful modern families with cool kids.


  • Do you have a personal mantra?  

I absolutely love mantras and have several. I believe they help clear your mind and help set your mood for the day. Here is my favorite mantra.

I am surrounded by sea of love, peace, joy, understanding, support, wisdom, abundance and tranquility.


  • How do you relax? 

Between managing a company and a taking care of my family, relaxation is time I must carve out for myself. Relaxation for me is a nice warm shower or bath without any interruptions. I really enjoy recharging by hanging out at the beach, laying under a palm tree with my feet in the sand or catching up with old friends over cocktails. I like to wake up early in the morning before anyone wakes up, light our Le Soleil Candle, read a book for about an hour and sneak in 30 minutes of yoga. But that’s how I relax and stay balanced.



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