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ultimate moisturizer

By the time January rolls around, many of us are no longer using the word ‘dry’ to define the texture of our skin. Instead we’re feeling completely moisture-less with raw, red, and unhappy skin. To alleviate your dry skin (and all of the itchiness and redness that accompanies it) try some of these hydrating skincare products, you many not wake up with baby-soft skin, but I promise you’ll come close!

1. Kneipp CARE Almond Blossom Hand Cream ($16; a nourishing, sweet almond oil-based hand cream enriched with vitamin A.

2. Sundari Nighttime Nourishing Oil ($90; this hydrating nighttime oil receives its moisturizing properties from Neroli, a rare oil derived from the orange plant.

3. Archipelago Botanicals Oat Creme Milk ($15; a luxurious moisturizer made from dried milk and oat protein.

4. John Masters Organics Calendula Hydrating Mask ($26; used weekly, this mask enriched with calendula, apricot kernel oil, oat protein, and grape seed extracts helps rejuvenate dry, weather-stressed skin.

5. Jason Natural Apricot Hand and Body Lotion ($6; a deeply nourishing hand and body lotion enriched with green tea extract and almond oil. Perfect for rough spots like elbows, knees, and heels.

6. Kerstin Florian Caviar Age-Defense Cream ($125; a mixture of caviar extract, rose flower oil, co-enzyme A, and Chinese firming extract Chai Hu helps to firm skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

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