A Salute To 2 Natural Skincare Lines We Tout Today


Luscious Looks with natural skincare

Natural skincare has grown-up.

Instead of being no frills and no fun, these lines are incorporating delicious scents (naturally, of course), and powerful ingredients to not only tempt your senses but also deliver you the benefits of luxe skincare without the environmental impact.

Suki’s unique line, developed by Suki Kramer, began as a personal quest. Kramer, plagued by lifelong eczema wished to develop a skincare line that emphasized pure ingredients. After consulting with herbalists, chemists, and traditional crafters, she created Suki, a 100% natural, synthetic-free skincare line. While the delightful yellow-and-white packaging is appealing (and printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink), the products speak for themselves. The Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser with chamomile and vitamin C gently exfoliates, creating a rich, bubbly lather and leaving behind soft, fresh skin; the Hand and Body Velvet Creme is a deceptively light, rich moisturizer. For more information call (888) 858-SUKI or visit www.sukisnaturals.com

JOHN MASTERS developed his original line of non-toxic hair care products from essential oils, plant extracts, and health food staples. Since his original launch, he has expanded his luxurious line to include skincare products and even doggie wash. All of his products must be as organic as possible and contain no petroleum or carbon-based ingredients; the products are also never tested on animals and must be harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. With this in mind, we tested the Lavender, Rose Geranium, and Ylang Ylang Soap. Unlike traditional bar soaps, it leaves no residue; and its invigoratingĀ  – aroma provides for a perfect morning wake-me-up. For more information call (212) 343-9590 or visit www.johnmasters.com

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