Flu Season Be Gone! Get Into Attack Mode With These Mindful Remedies


Flu SeasonFlu Season

Melissa Wiliams, Freelance Writer | Co-Owner, Yoga Junction

Every fall, the news reports scare us into thinking we’re certain to get sick. But it is anything but certain. If you believe you’ll get sick, you most likely will. Recent reports show that positive thinking has a significant impact on our immunity, as well as the duration of any illness.

With that said, try these remedies to boost up and keep your outlook on the bright side:

1. Probiotics. Whether you take supplements or eat yogurt or drink kefir on a regular basis, probiotics have been shown to increase immunity and keep your body strong.

2. Relax. Stress is your number one enemy when it comes to your immunity. Find a de-stressing activity, like yoga, meditation or Tai Chi, and commit to it at least a few times a week.

3. Honey. If you’ve got a sore throat, or the precursor to a sore throat, try honey to soothe.

4. Exercise. People who exercise moderately (not excessively) are less likely to get sick than either counterpart (the obsessive exercisers and the non-exercisers).

5. Try an immunity-boosting herbal blend. Blends that include Echinacea, zinc, or goldenseal can help amp up your defenses. We like the Kiss Ass Immune from WishGarden.

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