4 Vegetables Oils For Your Skin


Turns out cooking oils have a lot to offer us—both inside and out. As you start to prepare for summer and BBQing and lighter cooking, also add these vegetable oils to your skin care regimen…

Grape seed oil: A powerful antioxidant made from the seeds of pressed grapes, grape seed vegetable oil is especially beneficial for delicate skin, including the skin around your eyes and neck. Read up on Grape Expectations, Vinotherapy and the power of the grape seed.

Olive oil: A favorite for the driest among us, olive oil is extremely moisturizing for the entire body. Try it Mediterranean style, applying the oil liberally immediately after your shower. Read up on For the Love of Olive Oil!

Apricot kernel oil: Found in many natural lines, apricot kernel oil is light, absorbs quickly and is full of vitamins A, C, and E. You will often find this oil in your lip care. Read up on Lip Service!

Sunflower oil: A cheaper option than olive oil, sunflower oil is often used in massage, as a base for other scented oils and to oil pull! Read up on Oil Pulling 101.

*A few things to note: Just like you don’t want to ingest second-rate ingredients, you want to be sure what you apply on your skin (your largest organ after all) is high quality. Look for cold-pressed oils and make sure you store them properly (away from heat and sunlight). Oils can go rancid when exposed to both sun and heat and shouldn’t be used if they smell off.

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Melissa Wiliams, Freelance Writer | Co-Owner, Yoga Junction

Melissa, Editorial Director

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