5 Fruit-Infused Water Recipes To Quench With A Twangy Twist


fruit-infused water Let’s talk Fruit-infused water, shall we?

Water is a crucial part of our day to day lives. With water making up two thirds of the human body, it’s pretty important that we keep ourselves hydrated so that we can function properly. But despite knowing this, some of us still just find it hard to chug back the water and instead reach instead for carbonated drinks or caffeine to power us through. But listening to your body is crucial when trying to understand what it needs to feel its most vitalized, and your body may just be screaming out for a little H20.

Ever get that overwhelming sensation of being tired even after a good nights sleep? Do you crash around the afternoon and battle with your eyelids to stay open? These are signs of mild dehydration, something that drinking water will soon sort out. But it’s not just your mood that lack of water can affect. Not getting enough water into your body can be the cause of weight gain. When you get hunger pangs but have not long eaten this may well be your body indicating you may need water instead of food. Some people reach for a snack even though they don’t feel hungry whereas a glass of water is just what the body needs.

I think the main indicator of needing more water is a headache. When we fail to keep our body hydrated a chemical reaction occurs in our blood, something our brain is incredibly sensitive to. Our brain reacts to this by triggering a headache. And when the pain intensifies, this is because more water is being lost and less oxygen is flowing to our brain. So hydration is crucial to keeping a happy medium within the body.

I know the main reason why people steer clear of water is that they find it bland and tasteless. Well, I can’t argue there as we all know that water is water. It has no taste so to speak. However there can be ways to spruce it up to create a refreshing go-to beverage that will leave you feeling great and wanting more. It is worth noting that you should think about investing in a decent water filter system. The difference between tap water and filtered water is huge, and unlike that water that takes on a chlorine tang after being left for a while, filtered water if clear and crisp and heaps better for your health.

Here are a few ideas on how to use water as the base for these drinks in fresh and innovative ways. Try drinking more water and I guarantee you’ll reap the rewards, and you’ll feel so much more energized and your skin and body will thank you! So, go grab a glass and lets cheers to health and hydration!


1. Fancy Spa Water

Whether you’re new to the idea of infusing your water or you’re looking for a super quick go-to recipe, this recipe will do wonders for both your skin and body. Full of anti-oxidants, the citrus fruits like lemon will detoxify the skin leaving it glowing whereas the cucumber is both refreshing and hydrating. Make up a jug of this and get sippin’.

Get the recipe here.


2. Blueberry Lavender Water

Some of you may be a little wary of drinking lavender, but let me assure you that this is such a calming and energizing way of enjoying your water. Whilst the blueberries host a whole load of health properties, the lavender is the real show stopper. Make this and sip on it for a moment of clarity in a hectic day.

Get the recipe here.


3. Tomato & Basil Water 

When infusing water we typically think of fruits to do so with. However, this recipe just goes to show that veggies and herbs can work just as well. This tomato and basil water is the perfect way to inject some life into plain water whilst also enjoying beneficial vitamins.

Get the recipe here.


4. Apple & Cinnamon Infusion

This is such a warm and delicious recipe. I love the crisp, fresh taste of apples mingled with the spice of cinnamon. Be mindful to use small slithers of fresh, ripe apples. Over ripened apples won’t give the sweet fresh taste but will instead make it a little sour. When sourcing cinnamon sticks choose skinny sticks otherwise the cinnamon to apple ration may be a little overpowering. This water will do wonders for both your skin and your immune system. Perfect for fighting any lingering colds!

Get the recipe here.


5. Strawberry & Mint Infused Water 

The strawberry and mint work together so well in this recipe it’s almost like they were made to go together. The strawberries lend a subtle sweetness whereas the mint will offer a cool, refreshing edge. To make the taste even more prominent, give the strawberries a little smash once in the jar. This will release their juices to give the water a greater flavour, which is perfect if you like fruity drinks.

Get the recipe here.


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