Glamping Must-Haves: How To Luxury-Up Your Camping Experience


Glamping Hub At Bell Tent near San Antonio, Texas.

Let me just be real with you for a second. I love nature, I’m just not in love with it. Therefore when someone presents me with the opportunity to go camping, I’m suddenly extremely busy that weekend and can’t make it. I love beautiful scenery and fresh air, but pesky insects? Stinky Porta Potties? Having bad hair all weekend? Not to mention that with age, I’ve found I can no longer sleep on the ground without becoming slightly hunched over the following morning. I need support. I need at least five pillows. And I really like my high thread count duvet . . .

But then I discovered glamping. It’s camping, but with a little added glamour. There are real toilets, real beds and sometimes even real doors that you can close. So, what if we took these elements of glamour and added them to camping? Suddenly our bland, boring tent could become a bohemian haven…

1. First things first; a tent.

Sure, we could buy a standard tent, but where’s the glamour in that? This butterfly motif tent not only looks girly and cute but it’s actually practical, too. Not only does it sleep four, but it has a solar panel that means you’ll have a constant source of power that will cost you nothing all thanks to the wonderful sunshine. And if you’re worried about being cut off from the outside world, you’ll be happy to discover it comes with mobile phone and USB charging adapters. This means many of your low voltage devices, such as mobile phones, iPods, cameras and even speaks, won’t run out of battery at all.


Solar Powered 4-Person Tent by Bang Bang Tents – $200

2. And you’ll be needing something to sleep in.

Forget paper thin sleeping bags, all you’ll need to sleep cozy and comfy is this sleeping bag by Marmot. While it may be warmer during the day, during the night time the temperature can plummet and the last thing you want to do is freeze inside of your tent. Not only is this sleeping bag lightweight and compressible, it’s also insulated in key areas to eliminate cold spots and prevent heat from escaping and features a heat pocket in the footbox to keep those tootsies nice and warm. There’s even an internal stash pocket where you can store your smartphone. or anything else you want to keep close. Plus it comes in a bunch of happy colors so your tent will be a rainbow come sleep time.


Marmot Ouray Long Sleeping Bag – $339

3. And somewhere to rest your head.

As someone who needs a tower of pillows to get a good nights sleep, these pillows are a great way to ensure a peaceful sleep without interruption. There’s nothing worse than waking up with a crooked neck and feeling groggy. These inflatable pillows are so comfortable you won’t even realize you’re sleeping on air.

SHO Ultimate Self Inflating Camping Pillow – $14.99

4. Now for some aesthetics.

What’s the point of glamping if there’s no real aesthetic vibe? Buy a few of these floor pillows and spread them around the floor area inside the tent for a pop of color and a bohemian feel. There’s a range of colors to choose from and you know that, come evening time, s’mores round the campfire will never be done more comfortably.

Mandala Floor Pillows Cushion Cover – $18.99

5. Lighting is everything.

Who doesn’t want to camp under glistening fairy lights? It not only looks picturesque and romantic but it will add a little light so there’ll be no falling over the camp fire. These lights run off of solar power so all you’ll need to charge them up is some sunshine, and you’re good to go. Tie them around your tent or in the trees and turn your camping area into a starry night.

Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights – $16.99

6. The perfect blanket for night time.

These cotton throws are incredibly soft and light weight—perfect for sitting around the camp fire.

Salbakos Eco-Friendly Throw Blanket – $22.99

7. Who said rugs weren’t suitable for outdoors?

Whiet it’s no red carpet, this cotton rug will make walking around the campsite feel a little more luxurious. You could either use this inside your tent or outside for catching your shoes. It will make the ground feel that much softer and it looks pretty great, too. And the best part, it’s an eco-friendly, 100% recycled cotton colorful chindi rug! 

Eco-friendly 100% Recycled Cotton Rug – $7.99

8. Quirky tumblers for all your drinking needs.

Camping may mean drinking out of practical reuseable bottles, but glamping is a whole other world. Bring the feel of home into your new living quarters. These pebbled surface tumblers look like glass but are actually made from thick, break-resistant plastic. They’re BPA free, easy to wash and come in a packs of 24 so they’re great if you’re going camping in a large group. They also come in different sizes, so there’ll be the perfect size for happy hour . . .

Carlisle Pebble Optic Tumbler

9. Make eating a stylish event.

Just because you’re out there becoming besties with nature, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pay attention to the smaller details, such as dinnerware. This dinner set is lightweight, yet durable, and is made to be break, chip and scratch resistant.

Gibson Studio Line 12 Piece Melamine Dinnerware – $33.00

10. Cooking pots and pans are a must.

While it’s fun to glamp you still have to be practical, and when it comes to cooking nobody wants to lug heavy pots and pans along with them. So these pots from Sea to Summit are perfect. While they’re lightweight and collapsible – they all nest together making them even more compact –  they also feature a hard-anodized aluminium base that allows you to use them on a camp cooker. They’re made from food grade, heat resistant silicone, and the translucent lid allows you to be sure your fancy glamping meal isn’t burning!

Sea to Summit X Set 31 – $99.95

11. Who can exist without coffee in the morning?

This cafe latte set features a cafe press and milk foamer that all comes inside of a sleek carrying case for convenience. Sure, some may deem this a little extravagant for camping, but glamping is a whole other ball game. Plus, whose gonna be laughing when you’re enjoying your fancy morning beverage?

Snow Peak Titanium Cafe Latte Set – $110

12. You can’t have coffee without water.

Keeping hydrated is crucial. This collapsible water carrier contains up to 9L of water and is made from food grade recyclable plastic. It’s UV resistant and frost proof so there’s no chance of the heat turning the water off or the colder weather damaging it. There’s even a dispensing tap so you can pour your water with minimal effort.

Colapz Liquid Carrier – $44.95

13. Pizza, anyone?

So you’re having a drink and someone mentions pizza. You all pull out your phones to call in a delivery before remembering you’re out in the wilderness. But you don’t need a pizza boy when you have a pizza oven! This outdoors pizza oven is portable, preheats in just 10 minutes and can cook a pizza in just 5 minutes. How I survived until now without one of these, I do not know.

Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven – $299

14. What is life without a little music?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the mood for a little music. And when you’re surrounded by friends in an intimate surrounding, you want to have the tunes playing, too. This music player has an integrated solar panel that will allow you to play music at an even greater power than normal speakers would. Plus its 100% waterproof. Now all that’s left to do is make the perfect glamping playlist.

Ecoxgear Sol Jam Solar-powered Waterproof Speaker – $161

15. A makeshift kitchenette.

All good camp sites need a place to cook. And while a fire is perfect for S’mores, this is glamping. There’s no need to scrimp on luxury. So why not bring the kitchen with you? This deluxe kitchen folds away into an easy to carry case and you can simply unfold it and set it up. There’s even an area to store condiments to really make you feel like you’re at home.

Coleman Pack-Away Deluxe Kitchen – $100

16. A place to put your feet up.

This product is a really great two for one when it comes to practicality. The Kid-O-Bunk allows you to add cabin-style bunks to your glamping tent, so they’re perfect if you have children. You can make either two separate beds or you can bunk them together to save room. Then it can turn into a make-shift couch so it’s great if you’re camping with a family in tow; you’ll save on room, too. Pretty nifty, huh?

Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk Benchable Camping Cot with Organizers – $290

17. Now you’ll always smell fresh and ready.

Let’s face it, when it comes to camping you don’t mind smelling a bit. But glamping? Oh hell no. This compact camping shower carries up to 5 gallons of water so it’s great to take along with you. Put it out in the day and the sunshine will heat up the water inside through the solar bag, and there’s even a thermometer to help gauge the temperature before stepping underneath it. There’s even a shower head so you don’t have to miss out on belting our your favourite Beyonce tunes into a make-shift mic.

EasyGo Camp Shower – $16

18. Privacy is key.

Nobody wants to shower in front of a group of people. This pop up tent means that you can change, shower and even go to the loo in privacy. Set it in the corner as a sort of make-shift bathroom and you’ll be well away from prying eyes. We can’t guarantee they won’t hear your shower singing though.

Outdoor Pop-Up Tent- $30

19. All hail those multi-functioning products.

This LED light is perfect for glamping. Simpy hang it up inside your tent and enjoy the light as well as a ceiling fan that will cast a soft breeze over you while you sleep.

HAITRAL 2 in 1 Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan – $15.99

20. Burn, baby, burn.

We all want to keep warm when we go camping. And what is a camping trip without a warm fire to make s’mores and grill sausages over? This folding camp fire is really great if you’re camping with children as it has a fire screen you can place over it when they’re moving about. It also folds up into an easy on the go carry case, making it convenient to take along with you.

Folding Fire Pit – $45.00


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