5 Natural Tips, Tricks and DIY Hacks For Gorgeous Green Cleaning



When isn’t it a good time for green cleaning tips and DIY recipes?

All natural methods of green cleaning your home are safer, more effective, and have actually been around much longer than all of the commercial cleaners you see around today. It’s easier than it sounds, and could not only save your wallet from unnecessary expenses, but green cleaning saves your family’s health by10 fold.

Check out these five steps to get you started in efficient, affordable, safe, all natural, green cleaning:
  1. Metals and hard surfaces – There are a number of all-purpose or multipurpose cleaners you can make at home with affordable ingredients and using very little time and effort. Citrus products are a must for cutting through some of the deep grease in the kitchen like the oven and microwave, while vinegar and salt can be added to increase the effectiveness of these cleaners. The types of cleaners that can do this usually consist of some citrus fruit parts like lemon peeling or grapefruit. They are then put in a solution of warm water and salt is added to draw the active ingredient from the fruit in a process known as dissolution. When it is active – 30 minutes or so – then white vinegar is added for effectiveness. The mixture smells great and works wonders for all those tough scrubs around the house.

42438868 - lemon salt

  1. Tiles, tables, counters, and kitchenware – You can clean your whole kitchen and even wash dishes with the use of organic products. Borax or natural castile soap can be infused with vinegar to clean even the toughest spots like the oven. Extra greasy messes can be soaked in this solution for a deep and thorough clean. There are also essential oils you can use to make homemade disinfecting wipes. Oils like lemon or eucalyptus not only give your cleaners a beautiful fragrance but also help in the way of fighting those tough grease spots and stains as well. Essential oils (we are loving Aura Cacia’s Essential Oils for Fall) are natural and easy to buy. The internet is filled with recipes for natural wipes free from harmful ingredients, and homemade dish soaps that won’t pollute or leave a chemical residue.


  1. Bathrooms, sinks, and tubs – There is a mixture that will blow you away for naturally keeping your bathroom spotless! It’s called natural oxy clean and it works wonders for cleaning any sink, toilet, tile, or tub. It’s one cup water mixed with half a cup of peroxide, and half a cup of baking soda. It is strong, effective, and has way fewer chemicals than the store bought bathroom cleaners. You can use homemade oxy clean to get the stains off just about anything. Just wash (we like to use the open side of a half lemon as the scrubber!), scrub, and rinse. You’ll be able to see your reflection shine in it by the time you are through!

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  1. Mirrors and windows – You have to be careful when it comes to all natural glass cleaning. You shouldn’t clean when the glass is hot (while the sun is shining on it) because the all natural cleaner will dry too quickly and streak. You must also mix lightly because too strong of a solution could also leave you with a streaky mess. Mix 1 part citrus peel or vinegar with about 10 or 15 parts water for this. It has to be light and should be wiped away quickly. If done effectively your mirrors and windows will shine when the light hits them again and gleam with stunning beauty and perfection.

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  1. Air fresheners, clothing, and furniture cleaners – Ever get that choky feeling when you spray a commercial air freshener from one of those aerosol cans? You’re not alone. To make natural air fresheners, all you need are essential oils or dried flowers. Put them in a spray bottle with a small amount of water and mist fabrics around your home like curtains, sofas, and carpet. Ivory soap and borax can be combined to make a perfect all natural laundry detergent, and vegetable glycerin can be combined with essential oils to make for the perfect organic fabric softener. These methods will leave your clothing and fabrics smelling fresh and will free your sinuses from all those unwanted germs and air pollutants.


Take these simple steps and you too can revitalize the way you clean around your home. Save money, stay healthy, and live naturally – what have you got to lose!? You can take the easy way out and just buy the things you need to clean your home, or you can make it smell fresher, have less harmful chemicals, and save cash just by trying these few simple techniques in cleaning your house. It’s at least worth a try for yourself, your loved ones and the planet, right?

By Beverly Jenkins – Green clean leader at The Tidy Maids house cleaning service in Raleigh, NC. She has 24 years of experience in green cleaning and business operations and knows all the natural tips and tricks and do-it-yourself hacks when it comes to cleaning any space.

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