What is an Instagram Takeover?


A highly engaged social media strategy that aims to:

  • Grow a brand’s Instagram channel influence.
  • To collaborate with a brand’s community/influencers with a creative, interactive, cross-promoting approach.
  • To ultimately deliver an important message effectively and creatively using our medias as a unique, fresh approach..

How it Works:

Our medias takeover your brand account to either showcase a product launch or to highlight a behind the scenes type of culture for the brand. This can be done over several hours in one day or throughout several days to reach out to current followers by engaging with photos via comments, likes, regrams, videos, etc. Additionally, seeking out new followers is an essential during this type of takeover, by way of utilizing established hashtags to discover new followers and potential influencers. The ultimate goal is to show the personality behind the brand by also using our voice, expertise and leveraging of our audience/network to promote your brand.

A simple guideline for a takeover can look like, but not limited to:

  • Establishing what success looks like
  • Creating a specific hashtag
  • Creating branded content specifically for the takeover especially if it’s a launch
  • Establishing a timeline for how long the takeover will be
  • Tracked and Managed user engagement for the takeover duration
  • Promotion leading up into the takeover

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