How to Create Your Very Own Beauty Ritual Starring: Qet Botanicals



After 1.5 years of hectic moving, throughout 3 different states, with all very different climates (Arizona, then Colorado, now Oregon!), my physical body has been aggravated and I have been on a mission to fix it! Then SHE arrives, Qet, in all her glory. Suddenly I felt fit for a safe beauty queen.

Let’s start from the very beginning, it’s the perfect place to start.  Qet (pronounced (“keet”) Botanicals  is hand-crafted without:

  • Toxins
  • Synthetics
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Preservatives
  • Fillers, slipping agents, glycols, silicones, dyes, ureas, or extenders
  • Testing on Animals
  • Parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, or fossil fuel derivatives

Through my relationship with Healing Lifestyles, I was fortuitously sent a gorgeous box of perfectly prepared products, from the packaging to the actual vessels to the thoughtfully penned, handwritten note.

 There was/is most certainly some kind of synchronicity at play because everything that Qet Botanicals sent to me was for “Balancing and Oily” which is e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I need. For those who are familiar with Ayurveda, my “Vata” dosha is imbalanced so this worked synergistically with my chemistry so perfectly. For those of you working with an imbalanced Vata, I am highly recommending my array of products if you are in need of a dosha balancing act.

How to create a #Beauty routine using @qetbotanicals #skincare. @mindfulsami


Balancing Skin Suite:

  • Cleansing oil with Thyme
  • Clay Exfoliant with Tea and Thyme
  • Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender & Rose
  • Night Serum
  • Day Serum

How to create a #Beauty routine using @qetbotanicals #skincare. @mindfulsami



The essence of this routine focuses on self-love and self-care. This routine is most effective when not rushed or distracted. Carve out time for yourself at the end of the day where you can be alone with no devices (except for maybe music) and allow yourself to disconnect. Grab your slippers, a bathroom robe or towel wrap and let’s get relaxed:


Cleanse your face with one of Qet’s oil cleansers, and massage your face slowly, closing your eyes, and inhaling the aromas. This will remove all impurities and makeup so there is no need to use a makeup remover. Relax and allow your mind to drift to a calming place. When finished, grab a clean microfiber cloth and soak it in running warm water, ring the water out and press & hold onto your face. Focusing on the affected areas, wipe off the oil and repeat with rinsing in warm water and holding the cloth back over the face. 

You are essentially performing a facial on yourself, in the comfort of your own home but without the luxury of a steamer an Esthetician would use. The steam opens up the pores, combined with the oil, it’s designed to remove the impurities leaving your face nourished. Finish with Qet’s Night Serum and Hydra-Rose eye serum. No need to cleanse in the morning, just rinse and/or use a warm cloth to refreshen.


  1. Wake up and indulge in a light asana routine and eat some fruit.
  2. Brush your teeth and/or oil pull (see my product recommendations hereensuring you brush the tongue to stimulate the digestive system and rid the tongue of toxins.
  3. Moving onto your head and scalp, using the Nutri-pomade & Mask with Coconut and Shea Butter, gently start massaging your scalp, across your temples, and eventually covering your entire head of hair with the pomade & mask. Let that sit until your routine is finished. This product works as a daily pomade, weekly mask, or leave-in-conditioner on dry ends and flyaways.
  4. Wrap yourself in a towel. Using the Fresh Body Oil for Shaving, Showering & Massage, give yourself a mindful full body self-massage (aka Abhyanga in Ayurveda). Watch this video on how to self-massage
  5. This is the last step before we get into the shower. Using the Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka UMF 16+, using a small amount to lightly cover your entire face (around the eyes and mouth). This mask is perfect for the morning and full of antioxidants with high levels of natural antiseptic and antibacterial agents not found in other types of honey (making it active). Start your shower and by the time that’s warmed up 5-10 minutes you’ll be ready to wash this off, or grab another cloth to steam it away in the shower). Shower as normal to get the oils off your body and out of your hair. 
  6. After your shower, dry off and use the Qet Lavish Serum Salve over your mouth and around the eyes, finishing with the Day Serum over your entire face.
  7. While your hair is still wet (I recommend trying this on dry hair too!), reach for your Natural Shine Serum and smooth it throughout the hair for a semi-gloss, using more in the middle and ends, and a smaller amount on the top. Too much will create oily hair, so use sparingly! Every time I use this I get compliments on how my hair has a “pretty shine” to it.  
  8. Lastly, lightly work in the Ultra Garden Serum for Body for your daily body hydration.

How to create a #Beauty routine using @qetbotanicals #skincare. @mindfulsami

Now, you can go about your day feeling the utmost refreshed, detoxified, and nourished. Creating routine for yourself can keep you balanced and keep your skin acclimated to a fixed set of natural ingredients.

My favorite part of this routine is the self-massage, with Qet Botanicals’ serums! It sounds challenging at first, but watch these videos and you’ll feel abundantly confident about the process.  

Enjoy and Namaste Friends,

XO Sami

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