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Alderbrook Resort

Recently, I was invited to Alderbrook Resort in Washington on a familiarization media visit (FAM) and instantly fell in love with the experience that is laid out to their guests.

It’s important to start this recount of my adventure by saying that the ultra-mindful, creative, and adventure-seeking vibe that the property exudes would not be possible without the fine folks behind it all at Alderbrook Resort. These are truly blissful people who understand authentic hospitality.

The Hood Canal shores rest along this exquisite year-round destination, which has welcomed business & leisure travelers since 1913, with a private beach, a marina, a spectacular full-service spa, and a pet-friendly ambiance. (They even have their own Resort cats, Brook and Alder.) 

I drove up from Portland which was an easy 2.5 hour – straight shot – ride. Upon entrance, you emerge from the woodsy surroundings to discover a luxurious resort with a discernible “glamping” style. Although they have yet to stamp themselves part of the Glamping culture, I’ll go ahead and unofficially stamp it for them!

Alderbrook Resort in the Pacific Northwest with #blogger @mindfulsami

The peaceful waterfall outside in the main courtyard area

The lobby features a 30-foot fireplace with finished stone and vaulted ceilings supported by on-site timber that was harvested from the relocation of the highway to make room for a bigger property.

Nearby, you’ll find comfy couches and seating arrangements as you gaze through the ceiling-to-floor windows which take your eyes all the way to the Hood Canal and beyond. The Resort introduces rich views of the Olympic Mountains with an abundance of sea life, including oysters, mussels, crab and salmon, which is harvested for their own restaurant’s culinary creations.

They say the first impression is everything. If that’s so, then I didn’t need to see anymore. But, of course, I did! 


 Let’s Get Started With My 10 Must-Do Activities Whilst Visiting Alderbrook Resort:

  1. Read a book! Every room accompanies a padded nook area to nestle up and admire the property enveloped by the shores and layers of Olympic mountains. It’s important to duly note that there’s also a Keurig station (tea or coffee!), writing desk, a lounge chair which are perfect accouterments to the reading experience.
  2. Hit The Spa. Here you are encouraged to walk from your cozy room to the Spa, decked in robe and slippers, which are so kindly provided. Adorned in my luxurious attire. I headed into the relaxation room with an open-air plant-life patio, lockers, showers, cucumber infused water, a tea station, and all the necessities and niceties that go along with a top-notch spa experience.
    I tried and I loved …

    •  Custom 90 Minute Facial: I will admit, I fell asleep during this treatment about ¾ of the way through due to the intoxicating flow of the treatment. As a former manager of clinical therapeutic spas, I’ve had a lot of different facials and I give this an easy 10 out of 10.
    •  Hot Oil Scalp Treatment: I think this is what did it for me. Utter surrender. For someone who enjoys scalp massages, I’m pretty sure I unintentionally snored at some point! Godsend.. heavenly.. divine… it was all of these things. (This was an ‘add-on’ to my facial).
    •  Hand and Foot pampering: Uses Eco-Fin, a Paraffin alternative: hot, nourishing, and 100% natural plant-based emollients and oils. This was added to my Massage and also into my facial and it’s would be perfect for Fall and Winter months. I personally already have excessive inner heat (Pitta dosha) so I ended up overheating just a bit, but once i requested to have the thick blankets opened up, I was balanced back to comfortable.
    •  90 Minute Relaxation Massage: An extraordinary, fully body, fluid massage. No focus points, no trigger points, no deep tissue — just pure and ultimate body bliss. I was prepped with a body scrub  along with the hand and foot eco-fin pampering treatment followed by a perfectly whipped shea butter massage, after which, I melted like butter. 
    • Harvest Glow + Volcanic Pumice Body Scrub (Only available in October): A full body scrub combining Organic Sugars, natural honey powder, healing powers of Wild Yam Root and Chamomile, rich natural Shea Butter with Vitamins A and E. This was done before my massage. My first full body scrub and perfect for the seasonal change. The aroma was, again, just wonderful and continued its essence even after showering. At dinner, we all noticed the chocolate/coffee aroma nuances still wafting off of us! 
  3.  Lady Alderbrook – Private Yacht Dinner Cruise: This cruise alone will make you feel like royalty, as if we weren’t already feeling pretty regal. As you walk through the evergreen property, you’ll walk onto the expanding dock with panoramic views of the glacier-carved Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains. This leads to Lady Alderbrook where accommodating personnel await your arrival for a cruise along the pristine waters. Accompanying you is a private bar, Executive Chef Delgado, and a fine dining experience on the water. This is an absolute must-do.

  4.  Forest Bathing in the Nature Trails: There are several private trails that are connected to Alderbrook. We were told that it’s part of a creativity initiative by the owners to encourage you to step outside of the property and do some mindful exploring for yourself. 
  5. Soak in the Pool or Jacuzzi: The architecture of the indoor saltwater pool and Jacuzzi resembles an Atrium, with views of the shore, canal, mountains, and nature.
  6. Creativity on the CanalA testament to Alderbrook’s roots in Arts & Culture that reflects their dedication to creative expression. We were guided through a Plein er Painting class on their waterfront checkerboard by the Fine Artist Rob Kamin.
  7. Stay ActiveTake a lovely on-property restorative yoga class by Joonbug Yoga. Her warm energy and inviting smile together will brighten your day. Perfect for a morning refresher before brunch! If yoga’s not your thing, you can rent kayaks, StandUp paddleboards, and paddle boats to explore the Hood Canal and its breathtaking views!
  8. Upgrade your stay with a Cottage: The standard rooms are perfectly quaint and cozy with reading nooks, lounge chairs, writing desks, vanity station, and soaking tubs. If you want to step it up a notch, Cottages are available to accommodate!  Imagine a two bedroom beachy-cabin house with your family, friends, and loved ones decked with a peaceful patio, fully equipped kitchen, gas fireplace, and a pet-friendly environment overlooking the Olympic Mountains. Activities such as badminton, volleyball, or frisbee are available in the grassy common area, and fire up the gas grills to enjoy your own beach side BBQ.
  9. Enjoy the Firepit: Take your glass of wine, tea, the amazing signature non-alcoholic Huckleberry & Ginger Beer cocktail, or your S’mores and cuddle up by the waterfront firepit! With plenty of plush seating around don’t forget to gaze amongst the star-lit sky on nights with no clouds. We were blessed with pristine PNW weather and experienced this first hand.
  10. Wine & DineLast but certainly not least, experience the local offerings with Alderbrook’s Shore to Table initiatives with locally sourced ingredients. From oysters and clams harvested from the Puget Sound and right off their beach, to local veggies & herbs, artisanal cheeses and more. Request to have Chef Josh Delgado visit your table so you can thank him yourself! A fine dining experience whether you’re in the private Wine Room, restaurant, or at the circle bar enjoying a martini.
10 Must Have Experiences at #AlderbrookResort with #blogger @mindfulsami


There’s no denying that Alderbrook Resort is a versatile go-to destination for the Pacific Northwest region. Here you can accommodate a wedding, family vacation, corporate meetings, a local staycation, or a boat trip to moor your stay. The roots here are strong and it shines through with their hospitality. I plan to make this my go-to escape when I need to step out of the ‘real world’ and I’m excited about sharing the Alderbrook love throughout Portland.  

A special shout out to Kathryn, Director of Marketing, Ashley in the Spa, Shaun the GM, and of course your Chef Delgado! Thank you to everyone for making guests feel like royalty since 1913!

Until next time … watch this Alderbrook Resort video filmed by Archer Video Productions
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Alderbrook Resort & Spa from CRAIG ALLAN on Vimeo.

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