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Named the ‘City’s Best Feng Shui Expert’ by New York Magazine, Laura Benko has been revamping peoples homes with color and lives with her unique holistic approach. She is known for her trailblazing modern style while still honoring the ancient feng shui traditions and teachings.

We’ve caught up with Laura for an interview on color therapy to address the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ when it comes to improving your mood, productivity, communication, stability and creativity.

What is color therapy and how does it work?

Every color has a vibration and can affect you – whether viscerally or subconsciously – in a tremendous way. Using color to enhance your wellness, state of mind or productivity can be extremely effective. The key is knowing how and when to tap into each colors properties for your specific needs.

What are some ways to can incorporate color therapy in our everyday lives?

If you are looking to enhance your reputation and integrity add the fire element into your life with the color red. Whether you are hanging artwork with red tones or wearing red, visualize yourself getting the recognition you deserve when you tap into this color.

If you are seeking spirituality, inspiration and relaxation, welcome the color indigo, purple or black into your life.

Looking to enhance your communication, independence and mental focus? Bring more white into your environment. Envision improved communication as you add in more of this color.

Intuition, creativity, expansion and growth are all energetically fostered by the color green. Imagine the rivers of creativity flowing your way with this color.

Earthy tones and browns enhance physical strength, boosts stability and practicality and creates a nurturing environment for caregivers. Visualize the security that you need when bringing in these tones.

What colors should you use to align a chakra that may be out of balance?

When one of your chakras is over stimulated, the first thing you should do is bring in the opposite color to bring in balance. Lets say your sacral (orange) chakra is in overdrive and you are feeling highly emotional. Move away from the stimulating fiery tones and bring in more greens, blues and purples. The opposing color helps turn down the volume on the excess.

What are the perfect colors for the different rooms in your home?

There are certain colors that naturally reside in particular rooms to help serve the purpose of that space.

Red is an active color representing heat and is too intense for a kitchen. That is why an all red kitchen generally feels off and is not a natural choice like white.

Bedrooms are best with greens, blues and neutral tones because that’s where you want to relax and rejuvenate – not feel overly stimulated with yellow, orange or reds.

I’ve noticed that a lot of “earthy” people wear “earthy” colors like browns and olive greens and a lot of more flamboyant people wear super bright colors. Should we be doing the opposite to balance our personality types?

If you are aligning yourself with particular colors it is either out of comfort or you are subconsciously tapping into certain characteristics of that color that you are in need of. Usually we choose to surround ourselves with the element that we feel most at ease around.

It is human nature to want to avoid what makes us feel uncomfortable but nine times out of ten, it’s by going to those places that we grow and transform the most. Carefully examine the colors you surround yourself with and then reflect on your personality challenges.

Are you an inactive couch potato and your home and clothes are mainly neutrals and pastels? Try bringing in more reds and oranges to stimulate motivation.

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make with color?

The biggest mistake people make with color is not using it as the energetic catalyst that it can be! When you need to slow down and restore, go with blues and greens. When you are feeling lethargic, bring in the active reds, oranges and yellows. Feeling spacey and unfocused? Bring in earthy tones. Need to fine tune your intuition? Try indigo.

Balance is key with any color. When you go too far in one color direction you need to stop and honestly assess if it’s negatively impacting you on every level from your health to your mood to reaching your goals.

By Bess O’Connor

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