Home Sweet Home – Tips to Feng Shui Your Living Space


When it comes to feeling good, it’s more than just taking care of your health, your environment in your home is important as well. Make sure your place is clutter free and comfortable, this will hope you feel less stressed and more healthy.

These tips will help you feel good in your home environment.

Add Color

Add a splash of color to a room that you normally hang out in. Such as the living room and office or even a bedroom. Any room can benefit from a splash of color.

You can have an accent wall colored, which can ground a room. This will bring your focal attention to the room and it will add grounding space for you to feel more comfortable in.

Change Your Picture Frames

Looking at the photos in your picture frames chances are it’s been a long time since you’ve changed them up. It is a good way to refresh your space and your energy by adding new photos into picture frames. This is something you can do easily and affordably.

Strip Down

It’s important to de-clutter your space. Whether you are donating a whole bunch of products and old stuff to Goodwill or you simply clean out your pantry, stripping down is important. De-cluttering your space can improve your well-being.

Brush Your Pets

It may sound silly but if you have pets taking care of them is important. Brushing them daily will help with the shedding and the clutter that can happen with owning a pet. Giving your dog or cat a bath weekly can also improve their well-being as well as any allergies that might be in the house.

Bathroom Care

Pay attention to your bathroom space, when was the last time you did a deep cleaning? Look at the corners, these spots are usually missed when you vacuum, mop or sweep and taking a sponge to the corners can improve the flow of energy and your bathroom.

Another sweet tip is to look at where you store your toothbrush. If you store your toothbrush close to the toilet, bacteria infection can happen. Instead, put your toothbrush in the cupboard or cabinet keep it away from germs and running water says Dr. Marostica, a Dentist in Hillsboro, OR.

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