“Hot and Cold” and Ready to Go


“Hot and Cold” and Ready to Go

A technique called contrast hydrotherapy can strengthen your Qi (or vital force), shares Steelsmith, and you can do it during your morning shower. Simply “turn the shower to hot (in fact as hot as is tolerable) and let the water splash down your spine while counting to eight (the one-one thousand, two-one thousand method works best), then quickly turn the shower to cold and you guessed it, count to eight again. Alternate hot and cold at least three times and always end with the cold shower splashing down your spine,” explains Steelsmith. This method increases your circulation and strengthens your immune Qi to bolster your defenses against colds and the flu.

Build Your Medicine Toolbox

The following daily dosages are safe and effective for short-term use during the cold season:

Siberian ginseng (standardized extract): 300-400 mg

Andrographis (standardized extract): 200 mg

Beta glucan: 200-800 mg

AHCC: 500 mg

Propolis: 500-1,000 mg

Omega-3 fatty acids: 500-1,000 mg (EPA and DHA combined)The following companies make a variety of the high-quality products listed above:

Solaray, Nature’s Way, Solgar, NOW, Planetary Formulations, Country Life, Natural Factors, Nordic Naturals, and Carlson Laboratories all make high-quality supplements and herbs. Look for these herb and supplement brands at your local natural foods store.

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November/December 2008

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